Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

So I have been really excited to do this post!  I got this super cute metal magnet board from my in-laws down in Utah but I just couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into our decor in our house.  I'm absolutely obsessed with teal, turquoise, aqua blue (whatever the heck you want to call it).  It's such a fun spring/summer color that has really made its way into our house lately.  You can find it in our bathroom, kitchen, living room, and even Brynlee's room.  Fortunately it isn't overwhelming, I promise.  Just little hints to add some color and make it pop.

Here is the link to the tutorial that I used for my chalkboard.

I did things a little different because my budget for this was VERY SMALL! So instead of spending the $20 on the chalkboard paint that you paint on, I opted for the budget friendly chalkboard spray paint.  I had to be really careful to make it even so no bubbles would show.  And I did 3 coats just to be safe, but overall I don't think it made much of a difference.

One thing that you don't want to forget that this tutorial didn't include was that you will need to prep your chalkboard when you are done.  Just take the side of your chalk and rub it all over the chalkboard until it's completely covered and wipe it off with a wet cloth.  Do this at least 3 times.  If you don't whatever you write on your board will permanently be there.

So this is a fun easy project! All you need is spray paint, chalk paint, and some chalk!  I had a bunch of spray paint left over so I also updated an old frame we had to make something cute to put Brynlee's Birth Print  in.  I made this birth print forever ago, and almost 6 months later I am just now displaying it!  Better late then never though.


  1. you can make anything cute, brittany! I've thought about turning an old coffee table into a chalkboard for T when he gets older, or maybe using a mirror. I had no idea the paint was so expensive! good to know that spray paint is a cheaper alternative :)

  2. Thanks so much Lindsey! Yea the chalk spray paint was I think only $8 at Porters, also check Walmart- just make sure it's completely dry before you do another coat. I didn't do that the first time because I'm super impatient and I ended up with a bunch of bubbles so I had to sand all the chalkboard paint off and do it all over again. But I still have a some chalkboard paint left!