Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aqua and Coral Bedroom

So I am absolutely obsessed with decorating our bedroom.  It's the only room in our apartment that isn't decorated the way I want it.  We have the living room, kitchen and dining area, both bathrooms, and Brynlee's room, all done! Even our craft/exercise/office is decorated to an extent.  I've done little things like making a canvas headboard but really I just haven't put a whole lot of effort into it.  That however is going to change.  I am determined to have our room decorated by the beginning of September.  I want a really like airy feel to it with lots of white, coral, and blues.  Ben wasn't completely thrilled about it but in the end he knows that I won't do something that will look bad, and he will really like it when it's all put together.

It's so hard to look online to come up with different inspiration boards for our bedroom and not want to buy everything under the sun! To bad we are still college students and even though Ben's job pays good I can't just go out and spend $400 anytime soon.  So it will probably take forever if not longer to finish our bedroom, but a girl can dream right! And making these little boards keeps my creative juices flowing.  So eat your heart out people and take a look at this fun easy breezy room that I've put together.

Spring Bedroom

Zigzag Duvet Cover
$99 -

Coral Burlap Accent Lamp Shade
$13 -

Lamp Shade Sea Going
$15 -

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  1. If you want to save some money that white flower pillow with the coral background can easily be made for less then $10, I made one similar actually. It was quite easy to do.