Thursday, June 14, 2012

Canvas Headboard

So I would absolutely love to have a headboard like this one day! But alas we are still college students, only married just over two years, with a little 6 month old so I have to sometimes compromise alter what I would love for our home to look like and be realistic and realize that although I have Pottery Barn taste I have a target budget.

In my attempt to not give up decorating because we are on a budget I have to be pretty smart about the projects that I choose to do.  This is something that I am terrible at! I always have like 15 ideas in my head that I want to do, then I will go and buy the stuff for half of them, and actually do like 2 of them.  So needless to say, in the next few weeks I will be doing more craft tutorials and showcases! I have lots of goodies.

So you don't need to much for this project

  • 6 fat quarters of three different fabrics 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • 6 canvases (choose whatever size will fit your bed I did two rows of three at 16x20 inches)
  • Scissors 
First you want to decide on what direction you want your canvas to go over your bed.  Personally I prefer it horizontally.

Then start ironing all of your fat quarters.  You'll really want to get all the creases, crinkles, and whatnot out because once it's on the fabric it's there for good.  You can't iron canvas.  

Start covering the canvas by aligning it to the best of your ability.  I really like the chevron pattern because it's easy to keep it straight.  
Next your going to want to work on the corners.  Start by folding them in like you are wrapping a present.  Then put a small line of hot glue on the canvas frame and press the fabric to the canvas. 

Then put some hot glue on the inside of the canvas wood frame.  Bring in the fabric really tight and press it into the frame.  This will give you nice crisp corners. Do this technique for the two longer sides of the canvas.  Then for the shorter sides just simply put a line of hot glue on the frame and press the fabric to it.  

Your all done now! Just use a pencil to mark where you want each small nail to go in your wall (or use 6 of those velco things, those are the best!) Below is my attempt to line it up the my eyes.  UGH not so good! The hubs is going to have to come home and make all of them straight. Also please don't judge my lamp.  I will happily be changing the cover to something...not so yellow :) 

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. I'm the same exact way. I always have lots of crafts going on and can't seem to stop making them unless I'm busy in school. :)