Sunday, March 16, 2014

Newborn Boy Photography

16 more weeks!  My excitement is seriously bubbling.  At my last dr's appointment I gained 1 lb.  So that makes it so this pregnancy I lost 15 lbs. during my 1st trimester and of those 15 lbs. I've gained back 3 lbs.  Baby boy is growing great and I'm measuring at 25 weeks.  My midwife said that she will be surprised if I even reach my pre pregnancy weight when he arrives, :/ I guess that's one plus of being fat when your pregnant?  Woowho I'm more than half way!  I can't wait to meet this little man.  I've completely changed since Brynlee's pregnancy and how I was eating.  I'm so much healthy now and my portion size has gone down.  Thankfully I also have a very active 2 year old to keep up with.  I'm so excited to try breastfeeding again and hopefully I'll be more successful than last time.  Especially now that I know that everything I was eating (aka lots of dairy, broccoli, spices, lots of acidic fruit, etc) can irritate some newborns and that I'm going to pump a lot to hopefully keep my milk supply up.  I'm just so excited to try again!

I'm also excited to do his newborn pictures.  It's going to be so much fun and I got a bunch of new stuff for it.  My style is changing quite a bit and for newborns I seem to be favoring more natural and organic colors than lots of bright colors.  This is quite the change because I have been a huge fan of color!  So obviously I needed to be some new things for his session ;)  We have also begun switching out Brynlee's room and my studio.  I still have 4 more sessions before we move furniture.  This Saturday though we did some major spring cleaning and I got rid and organized the closet in Brynlee's room (which will be new babys room) and I will be using that closet to store my props and backdrops.  Tetris must have taught me something great because I'm amazed at what I can stack :)  I only moved newborn props and blankets and will keep my actual backdrops in my studio until I'm completely done with scheduled sessions.  I'm so glad that we did this though because it made me realize how pregnant I was getting haha It's getting more uncomfortable to squat down so its a good thing that I don't have any more newborn sessions until my own! I've also become obsessed with this little upcycled pants.  I don't like a lot of hats on newborn boys but I did get a good deal on the mini blanket and hat combo and I just about died over the matching beanie and pants set.  I'm also so excited that I got this little twig bed, it's so stinking cute and I'm going to keep it forever and ever.  I'm going to start newborns up again when my little man is around 4 months old.  We'll probably still be here so I will be going on-location to peoples homes to do them.  Much easier for parents and baby, but more work for me.  Hopefully though when we move in a year or two we'll be able to rent a house that either has a finished basement or 4 bedrooms so I can do them again in our home.

Brynlee is just as cute as ever and just as sassy.  She keeps me on my toes that's for sure.  She's learning so many new words which is really fun.  She's also a great little helper.  She loves playing in her kitchen, and in our sink.  Any loves trains, cars, and princesses.  I think she's going to like having a brother :)

Here are a few boys names that we like:  Boston, Jameson, Parker.  We haven't decided on anything yet and probably won't until we see and meet him.  Boys are harder for us to name then girls apparently!

Newborn Boy Photography