Thursday, January 23, 2014

2 Years Old!

I can't believe that I have a two year old!

Brynlee is the absolute best thing that has happened to our family.  She brought us together in a way that I didn't know was possible and is just a little ray of sunshine.

Here are just a few things that I love about you Brynlee bear at two years old...
  • You're talkative- it's the cutest thing, you have so much to say and sometimes you don't know the right words but something comes out anyway.  You tell us (usually) exactly what you want.  haha you've also become a little bit bossy, I wonder where you got that from? ;) 
  • You're energetic and playful- oh my is this an understatement!  You have so much energy for such a little body!  You get excited about everything, and you let that excitement be known.  You're pretty loud haha But I love your happy screams, I think they are endearing.  When Dad comes home you just light up and run around screaming "daddy home!! Daddy home!!" And immediately you make all of us run after you.  
  • You're loving- You love your stuffed animals and babies.  You are so good at rocking them gently and you share your hats and blankets with them really well.  You are quick to say sorry and give me a hug when you have had to sit in time-out for a bad choice.  You love playing with other kids and are quick to give hugs and kisses.  You love to snuggle with me right before nap time.  It's one of the best parts of my day.  You just get your blanky, binkie, and come snuggle up to me no matter what I am doing.  I will stop anything at the drop of a hat when you do that.  You love your dad and I so much and we know it.  We aren't short on kisses, hugs, and high fives.  You set a good example for me to remember to tell you everyday how much I love you.  
  • You're athletic- Man girl, you have a really good kick.  You love kicking your ball around the house and are pretty good about kicking it back and forth to us.  You also love your trampoline, possibly a little too much!  You are a very intense jumper haha and I can tell how you are trying to do your best, and jump as high as you can.  You also love to swing off the handle of the trampoline and hang from anything.  You've got a good throwing arm too.  This can be a good and bad thing though :) Sometimes when you're really happy you just like to throw something, other times when you're mad you will throw something.  We call this "hulking out"!  You are also so fast.  I'm amazed when I watch your little legs run up and down the hall way or outside.  Or how fast you spin when you are dancing.  You love dancing!  We have dance parties throughout the day and I hope we always do this.  You remind me to have fun and not care who's watching.  
  • You're persistent (and a little stubborn)- I actually love this about you, you don't give up on something easily.  You always try harder and harder.  This is going to get you far in life in whatever you decide to do.  You know what you like and that's that. 
  • You're funny- When you do something that makes us laugh you definitely know it, and will do it over and over again with the big grin on your face.  Just the other day we were eating dinner and we took your dress off to not get dirty and you just turned around and started dancing in the window.  It was hilarious.  You will make funny faces and do shake your shoulders too.  You keep me laughing throughout the day.  
So those are just a few things that I love about you :) Here's what you like these days. 

Favorite Foods- Turkey, cheese, cucumbers, apples, and broccoli 
Favorite Books- The Little Engine that Could, Sofia the First, and the Monster Love book
Favorite Toys- Any trains!  Your little kitchen, and your little people princess castle 
Favorite Clothes- of my gosh you are obsessed with dresses right now.  Everything is "pretty dress" 
Favorite TV Show- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Movie- Tie between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast 

We also got Brynlee's stats and no wonder her clothes don't fit her well!  She only 24 lbs (27th percentile) and 35 inches (75th percentile).  We've got a tall little chickadee.  Ben and I took bets the other day to see how much she weighed and we were both off.  I said 32 lbs and Ben said 34, haha I don't think we can handle a 34lb Brynlee carrying her up our apartment stairs, it's hard enough as it is!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Silly Things We Do

So I have a few kind of weird quirky things.  I can't have any doors open in our home without getting anxiety (I'm for real).  Even when Brynlee is playing with her toy kitchen I find myself constantly shutting her little door because it drives nuts. I also can't stand when puzzles aren't finished!  Brynlee has these 3 little wooden puzzles that she loves, but she will decide to take each puzzle and dump out all of the pieces and then put half of them away and then leave the rest.  I think she actually likes scattering the pieces more than anything haha.  One of Brynlee's funny little things is instead of saying "Thank You" she simply says "To".  It started when she was like 10 months old and we thought it was just the cutest thing so we kind of just accepted it as Thank You.  But, now that she can actually say thank you, she still does it and it kind of drives me nuts.  Brynlee also does this funny little head but with me at the end of the night.  When we are reading books in bed she will cuddle up and then randomly start laughing, smiling, and then gently head but me!  It doesn't hurt and we are both laughing through the whole things.  It's really the funniest thing.

Another odd thing I do is I plan out clothing a little obsessively.  I hope this doesn't sound vain, but I love picking out cute outfits for Brynlee, it's one of my favorite things in the world haha.  At least when she's throwing a fit over something she looks cute (obviously afterwards when she's said sorry!).  It kind of relieves some stress. We love our comfy clothes too though!

So we have a limited budget for clothes and I try to save as much as I can.  I usually don't buy clothes in-store, rather online during really good sales (and ebay!).  We have a pretty good system down so I only end up buying Brynlee clothes like every few months inside of going out on a regular basis just to browse.  I plan out Brynlee's clothes using a little site called Polyvore.  When I'm browsing online I will clip a product to polyvore and create a set of items.  This just helps me to keep track of what Brynlee has in regards to pants, skirts/dresses, and tops.  It's a good way for me to organize and think about what we really need to buy her and it helps me to see how I get the most out of each piece of clothing by just swapping different parts out for a new outfits.  I love that I can plan outfits on it!  It's just a little fun thing for me to do :) So I subscribe to newsletters from my favorite stores to get updates on sales and I also get special coupons.  And slowly check off the items on my list depending on which store is having a sale.  I typically spend enough to get free shipping on my orders as well which saves us extra money.  Another thing is opening up the store credit card (but paying it off in full each month you use it) and using that I will get an even better discount.  Also you get like loyalty money from alot of stores when you use their credit card.  For every certain amount they will give you a credit that you can use for an order.

Here's my most recent little outfit planner for Brynlee as she's getting bigger and more and more clothes aren't fitting her.  Can you tell I like little jean jackets!

My Kid Has Style- Sprint 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

15 Weeks!

I had my second Dr's appointment last week- Ben took some time off that day so he could watch Brynlee during it.  Next time we go in February we are going to bring Brynlee with us and find out if we are having a boy or girl?! I still can't believe that by next month I will be half way done.  Holy cow, this has flown by.

This pregnancy has been pretty different then with Brynlee, but for the better!  I really had to change the way I was eating and I've lost 10 lbs :) And I'm constantly running after and playing with a very active two year old.  It's only going to get better as soon as we are out of winter and can spend the day outside. My blood pressure was a little high at the appointment, but absolutely nothing to worry about.  I also have a dislocated rib, which hurts very very bad.

Brynlee is doing great! I absolutely love playing with her all day, but don't get me wrong I love nap time to.  She is in the princess phase right now, but still loves her trains, puzzles, and her trampoline.  We also probably spend a good hour or two a day coloring and then reading books.  I'm always impressed with how much she likes to read.  She can just read on my lap for an hour and not move an inch except to get a new book.  She calls all of her books by what they are about to.  Thankfully tantrums have greatly subsided!  Obviously not entirely, but we have seen a lot of improvement.

I've also realized in the last couple of months that I needed to chill out a bit.  I don't like being that high-strung mom who worries about every single thing.  So I let Brynlee make a lot of decisions for herself and it seems to work out better for us.  I have a pretty independent and strong-willed little one, and I don't want her to lose what makes her special.  Giving her choices and using a positive attitude works most of the time.  Unless she's hungry or tired- then she's a Bear.  Which is where her name Brynlee Bear comes from!  Overall though I am so grateful for my happy little girl.  She really is the most special thing in my life and I just love that I can spend every day with her.  She is FULL of energy, joy, and sass.  She loves snuggling with me again, loves princess movies.  The baby stage is really cute, but right now is so much fun!  I have pulled back a TON in my photography biz so I can be with her more and she can have my full attention.  I still take a few sessions a month, but I limit them to basically only on Saturdays when Ben is home and it's during Brynlee's nap time.

Life is nice :) Me and Ben got called to teach the 5 year olds in Primary.  They are so stinking cute and smart.  I just love asking them questions and listening to their answers.  Their answer to everything is "and I followed Jesus" and "do the gospel".

So one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is doing Brynlee's hair.  Every day after bath time I pop in a movie or a show that both of us actually enjoy (usually something Disney) and I dry and comb through her hair.  She has pretty thick hair so it get tangles easily.  Ever since I started using these two products:  leave in conditioner and aragon oil it has given her such healthy, silky, and bouncy locks.  And it has tamed some pretty annoying fly-aways.  I use it myself!  I've been told by a couple people that I shouldn't put product in her hair at such a young age, but I think they are full of crap :) It's not like I'm curling and burning her hair.  I don't even blow dry it.  And the product is meant to replenish her hair.  We live in a very dry climate, so why shouldn't her hair get a little TLC.  I am however looking for some more gentle products because I've learned that it is a lot of chemicals to put in her hair.  I haven't found any that I like that aren't like $20 for 8oz. which seems like a lot to me. I could comb her hair for an hour if she let me :) We tried our first bun today and loved it!  I can't wait till her hair gets longer and thicker so I can have more fun with it.  She's a trooper too and has no problem sitting on mom's lap and letting me pull at her hair as long as there is something entertaining her.  However, if Ben's home Brynlee won't let me do her hair.  She'll let dad do her hair, but lets be honest...sorry dads you don't do it as good as us :) haha he still can't put pig tails in! So if Ben's home I ask him to hide out in our bedroom while I do it.  It's therapeutic for me and so relaxing! Plus I love the snuggles.

Brynlee has also become so affectionate.  She loves to give us hugs and kisses.  And whenever Ben gets home she freaks out in squeals, jumping, hugging, kissing, and screaming Daddy.  She loves to run down our hallway to jump into our arms laughing and screaming our name.  If me and Ben are sitting on the couch together she'll come up and pull our heads together to kiss each other and then to kiss her.  She's also getting to be pretty bossy! Since she knows alot more words know and is better at putting sentences together she has no problem telling us exactly what she does and doesn't want to do.  She loves her trampoline, little people princess castle, and babies.  That trampoline could not have been bought at a better time!  With the nasty weather and being stuck inside almost every day (we only have one car) it's so nice to have an outlet for her physical energy!  And girl can jump high to.

I think that at times it easy (at least for me) to think of the terrible two's, but it's gotten so much better than it was for a while so I wanted to be sure to write it down so I don't forget!  I feel like our day is filled much more with happiness, dancing, and giggles rather than time-outs and tears.