Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Our little family celebrated Father's Day on the 17th of June.  It was such a blast.  I gave Ben a little treat because our Church starts at 9 am, and I told him that we could have a "by day" this week and he was so excited! I let him sleep in and when he woke up Brynlee was there trying to open his month.  She really is the happiest baby when she wakes up.

Since this was Ben's first Father's Day I wanted to do something really special.  He had been asking for a grill since...well the snow melted! And I wanted to wait until Father's Day to give it to him.  I bought it about a month before and had it waiting at the store for me to pick up.  I've been telling him that we just couldn't afford it and that maybe we could get it in a couple of months.  Every time we passed by a grill for sale he would ask if he could get it.  It secretly was really hard for me to not laugh or smile.

Ben was getting suspicious the day before Father's Day and kept on guessing what I got him.  So to throw him off I pretended that he guessed right and then faked being upset.  It was so hard not to laugh again!  Father's Day morning came around and he got to sleep in and wake up to some yummy donuts... nutritious I know.  I didn't make a big breakfast because we were going to go out for an early lunch with some of Ben's family from Utah who came up.  He thought he was getting a razor so I totally tricked him when he opened up the curtains to the deck and saw the new propane grill completely set up with a BBQ tool set.  A big thanks to our friends the Kesters for completely assembling the grill! They are both awesome.  I also got him some picture frames for his desk at work that he asked for.  One with a wedding picture and one of Brynlee.

After we completely gorged ourselves at Famous Dave's with some yummy burgers, ribs, and other delectables we headed home and took a glorious Sunday nap.  Later that night we had some friends over for dinner...we had a BBQ craving so we feasted on BBQ chicken, macaroni salad, potato salad, tons of vegetables and some cheesecake.  The Kesters are such awesome friends and their son Gavin (just a month older then Brynlee) is so much fun!

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