Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 2014 Family Pictures

My friend Sam (from Samantha Hanny Photography) and I traded family sessions this year.  What a great idea!  She took mine, I took her's and we each edit our own.  Score!

I have to say though that Brynlee was a beast during our session.  For real! Like really really bad.  We haven't done family pictures in over 2 years so I kind of forgot about all the stress and preparation that goes into it!

We took our pictures up north in Ashton so we had to leave at like 3:30pm in order to drive the 1.5 hours.  My bra broke that morning (yep, I blame nursing) so I needed to run out and get a new one.  That took longer than I thought and then I had to get everyone ready.  Feed Brynlee, get her dressed, and do her times that by two.  And then nag Ben for probably an hour to get ready and that I needed help.

So we were 30 minutes late....yea I hate that!  I planned to be there at a certain time because I knew that Beckett would need to eat by then.  Well, since we left so late there wasn't really time to feed him...yea that was a bad idea.  Beckett and Brynlee both cried throughout the whole thing.  I have literally done at least 2 headswaps on all the pictures haha oh well next time I will be sure to leave on time and feed everyone! And stash gummybears in my back pocket to bribe Brynlee.

At least they look super cute!!