Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuxedo Bow and Alligator Clip Tutorial

These little bows were so much fun to make! It was really hard finding a tutorial that explained the steps clearly and with pictures..and now I know whyy.  I don't know about you all, but I am definitely a visual learner!  I have a huge love for all baby bows.  Seriously I'm obsessed, I counted the other day and from the time Brynlee was born till right before I started making these she had about 30 different bows...That's a lot of bows for just a six month old.  It also was really pricey too.  I admit it...I'm an Etsy addict.  So with summer starting up I really wanted B to have some new summer bows to go with all her outfits.  But sense I'm not working anymore I couldn't bring myself to spend $6-$8 on just one bow.  So after searching pinterest, google, and tons of craft blogs I managed to take bits and pieces from different tutorials I just started fooling around with different ways to create a tuxedo bow. This was definitely a trial by error project, but it was sure fun! So here is my somewhat "attempt" at a tutorial.

My inspiration came from over at http://bowmamahairbows.com/item_1013/lace-tuxedo-bow-headband.htm
Material Needed:
  • 6 inch ribbon 
  • 1, 2 inch ribbon of a coordinating color
  • 1, 4 inch ribbon of a coordinating color 
  • alligator clip 
  • hot glue gun 
  • scissors 
  • elastic headband 
  • lighter
First, cut out all of the ribbon that you need.  Then take the six inch ribbon fold it in half so both ends are touching horizontally and move your lighter over the ends of the ribbon.  This will keep the ribbon from fraying in the future.  Your then going to find the center of your ribbon and draw a line of hot glue down. Fold right side first into the center.  Then fold the left side.  Have them touching but NOT overlapping.  

Next you are going to pinch your ribbon so you should have 1 little bump.  This is the back of your ribbon. You're then going to add just a dab of glue.  Your not going to glue it in half exactly, your going to want to just glue a small part of the center.  If you understand this then you are a champion among men.

Okay so that is the back of your bow.  Your going to turn it so that the front side is facing you.  Take the top small part, pinch it to the bump in the middle.  This is were you are going to hot glue it.  After you do that, do the same thing to the bottom flap. 

This is what your bow should look like before you add the 2 inch coordinating ribbon around the center

Next your just going to turn your bow over to the backside.  Put a little dot of hot glue then wrap your 2 in. coordinating ribbon around it.  Pinch it together.  After this trim the edges and run your lighter over it to seal the edges.

Next is the alligator clip cover.  This will take you all about 1 minute to do.  I can't wait till Brynlee has enough hair that these little clips will stay in her hair without having to use a headband!

Take your alligator clip and open it up.  Add a line of hot glue to the top inside of the clip.  Then place your ribbon on and close the clip.  Let it dry for a minute.  Then add a line of glue to the top of your clip, and place the rest of the ribbon on top and squeeze it.  Then just turn the clip over and add a little glue and stick the end of your ribbon on.

Now you're done! It takes practice and some messing around to see what look best, but overall it's an adorable little bow! In fact I am officially a ribbon junkie because of how much ribbon I bought.  There are just so many different kinds!  But seriously, don't I have the cutest little bow model! I'm extremely blessed.

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