Saturday, September 10, 2011

Internship, Pregnancy, and Nursery

Well summer has officially come to a close and I'm not going to lie but I am so happy!! I miss school so I'm going to try really hard this semester to get the best grades, stay healthy and active, and just try to have a good rest of the pregnancy. Ben had his first day at his internship at the Behavioral Health Center down in Idaho Falls. He can back pretty excited because they will get to shadow counselors and psychiatrists around. There is an adolescent wing and also a wing that has people with severe mental illnesses such a Schizophrenia. He said that it really isn't anything like the movies portray and most of the people are relatively normal (no straight jackets). He's also Ben working really hard at Freedom and has kicked some major butt in the sales department, bringin home the BACON! He'll cut his hours back a lot because now he usually works 50 hours a week so that's going to drop to like 25. I'm also cutting my hours down to 20 and I'm only working 3 days a week so it isn't bad at all. 

School starts on Monday! We went on campus to fill out the last of his internship papers and for Ben to get his TB test and it was like a zoo, and since everything has moved we had NO idea were anything was so we looked like total newbies. It was kind of fun!  We are really excited to get back to going to school every day, the only thing that I'm not looking forward too....Waddling up that giant hill, it's still so stinking hot out and my back really hurts. 

I'm in my last week of my second trimester! 26 weeks! My weight is completely on track and I'm been exercising a lot. I usually do Cardio ever other day and weights every day. I feel really good whenever I exercise and it's making me think more about what I eat. I haven't completely cut out the bad food ;) I doubt I ever will! Life is short, but I definitely eat in moderation meaning Taco Bell once a week. My midwife told me that I should cut out some carbs and eat more protein (story of my life). I eat eggs with bell peppers almost every day with a small cup of all natural yogurt with grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. It's delicious! So I've gotten used to having to plan out my morning so I have time to eat a good breakfast, then I usually have and apple or banana as a snack. Then either a salad or sandwich with some vegetables. Then usually more vegetables before dinner. And dinner is some form of chicken with either brown rice or whole grain pasta and more vegetables. I eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day haha. But I give myself some leeway because I really do enjoy food. My back pain has been getting a little bit better, but I still wake up every night around 3am to go to the bathroom. It is driving me nuts! 

The nursery is coming along really great! I've really enjoyed getting everything ready for when Sadie arrives, it just makes me so excited to go into her room. We've got a ton of stuff for her and I still have a few more months. Ben's awesome parents got our crib for us as a baby shower gift and we are completely in love with it! It's so nice and sturdy but still really easy to move.