Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebrating a Special Half Birthday

My little girl turned 6 months on the 21st and I can't even believe that she is so big now! I say this probably every month but time really just flies by so fast and crazy.  Last week she would barely scoot around and now she is a pro and you have to also have your eye on her.  Seriously, she's fast now so don't leave remotes, shoes, or phones on your floor because you will have to fight her to get them back.

Me and Ben decided to have a little party with just the three of us to celebrate her milestone.  We got a delicious cupcake for us to share (except Brynlee, she just got a nice little bottle) which was AMAZING. And some old fashion root beer sodas as well as funky mustaches and just had a good old time.  I can't even begin to say how much fun this little girl is.  She has so much energy but she is so sweet and honestly a kind soul.  I know how corny that must sound but people tell us all the time how she just has this air about her.  The other day I was reading to her in her room and she was sitting on my lap.  She just looked up at me and put her hand on my arm.  I seriously was about to cry because it was so sweet.  Brynlee is the best!  So 6 months has brought us a lot of new changes! Brynlee weighs 15 lbs 5 ounces, 27 inches long, and her head measures at 16.  I can't believe how many people tell me how big she is but when you pick her up it's nothing...her rolls are very deceiving! The doctor said that this makes her in the 38th percentile for weight, 86th percentile for height, and the 7th percentile for her head. haha she does have a tiny head, but it looks good on her!
  • She eats 28 oz. a day.  It's pretty much always 4- 7 oz. bottles.
  • She's scooting her self everywhere! And fast too
  • She has an attitude when she is grumpy...We are trying to nip that in the bud.  
  • Can sit up by herself for close to a minute at a time.
  • LOVES cameras, cell phones, and computers 
  • Sleeps from 9pm wakes up at 5am for a quick diaper change and then back to sleep until 8-9ish.  Takes a solid 3 napes during the day.  
  • She can sit up for only a few seconds at a time.  In fact, when we went for her well baby check-up I told her pediatrician and he said that two things definitely will contribute to her not sitting up on her own, 1) the fact that she can move all over the place, who would want to sit still now when there are toys to play with, and 2) she has quite the round butt.  I couldn't believe it, but honestly it is so true she has the cutest round little tushy


  1. I need to add this blog to my monthly blog check list,she's such a doll!!

  2. Why thank you and yes you should add me! Brynlee is such a sweetheart and gets cuter and funnier every day!