Sunday, June 23, 2013

18 Months

Oh man this mommy job definitely gets harder when you have a toddler on your hands!  Totally worth it though when she gives me great big hugs, holds my hands, and blows me kisses.

We also have raised a monkey.  Seriously, the similarities are hilarious!  We have a very active little child.  She LOVES climbing everything and is pretty adventurous. She knows how to climb up the chairs on top of the table and then into her chair.  She also loves to walk on the counters.  We've had to rearrange some furniture to help curb her enthusiasm for climbing and avoid any broken bones in the future.  She still manages to find ways to climb though.

She also loves her slide!  We got her a little toddler slide and we keep it out in the living room.  Whenever we want to distract her there are 3 things we say, 1) can you show me how to go down the slide, 2) where's your sippy cup and 3) can you find your baby doll.  It's amazing how she can follow directions.  She doesn't say many words, just momma, dada, hi, what's that, who's that, hat, cheese, and occasionally shoes.  She still signs for more and all done though.  However yesterday we told her to go find her shoes and she said, "where shoes?"  while looking in the closet.  I was pretty proud :)

Brynlee is also a total ham.  We went out for dinner at McDonalds the other night (don't judge us!) and the minute we got there she was so happy to see everyone there and was running up to them waving and saying Hi.  Although she definitely has her moments of tantrum she generally is so happy and kind to people.  She has been in nursery twice now and is loving it! She actually gets a little sad when we come to pick her up because she knows she's going to be leaving all her little buddies.

I also got called to teach primary!  I'm teaching the 7-8 year olds, so the kids who are preparing to be baptized for have already been baptized this year.  It's a pretty sweet gig for the most part.  Granted I never get to talk to anyone in our ward, but my kids are fun.  We have one really special little guy who is severely autistic, completely out of nowhere he will randomly jump out of his seat and start hitting someone.  Ben explained it to me that they aren't necessarily doing it out of anger, but rather the sensation that hitting gives them.  I had my first experience with this today which was completely nuts!  He calmed down though and was completely fine in just a matter of minutes.  I have to say to that he has the absolutely sweetest smile and it seriously melts my heart.  I sit next to him and call him my little buddy, and he told me that I was his favorite teacher.  Ah shucks, this kid really is special!

Work has been good for both me and Ben.  He just finished teaching his training class and had a really good time.  He starts another one at the end of August and after putting in two of those classes he's hoping that a higher position will open up for him within the company.  Work has been really busy with me and I'm still trying to find a balance.  I try really hard not to work when Brynlee is awake, but to use that time to spend it with her or clean the house.  This means though that I typically don't even go to bed until 1 or 2 am.  I definitely can't complain though.  I'm so grateful that I have been able to pursue this dream of mine and help contribute to our income.  Definitely comes with some challenges, but for the most part it's great.

I've had to change my business structure a tad (I'm sure no one reading this even gives a hoot though!)  Before I wasn't requiring deposits but I have been getting a TON of bookings over the last couple of weeks. I now have at least three scheduled sessions a week clear out till September!  Then from September through October I have all my weekends booked but one.  SO if you are wanting a session, be sure to email me right away! I wasn't requiring deposits but then I had one family simply not show up to their Saturday evening session (which are very valuable!) and I had two newborn no-shows.  Stupid people.  So those three bad apples ruined it for the whole bunch.  I now require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to reserve your date, which is then subtracted from the total.  Most people have been really understanding of why I'm doing this, but you always get one person who doesn't want to pay it.  And to them I say...well find someone else then! Just kidding, I don't say that.  Deposits however are NEVER negotiable.  It's also a wonderful way to help me budget actually running a business and estimate our additional income for the month.  Anyways, enough of that business talk.  I have no problem saying though that I am really proud of myself! :)

On a more personal note, we can't wait to have another baby! No baby yet, but we are working on that.  Brynlee is going to be one awesome big sister.  Just the other day at Church this little boy was crying in the hallway and Brynlee went up to him to pat his back and give him a hug, it was so dang sweet.  She loves babies, probably a little too much so we are working on her being a little bit more gentle.