Thursday, October 17, 2013

When I Grow Up....

I have some big plans up my sleeves for the next five years!! We plan on moving when Ben gets done with school in about a 1.5-2 years.  Till then I will be doing newborn sessions in the spare room of our apartment.  However, when we move I am going to totally and completely revamp my business.

We're trying to have another baby, but chances our it's going to take us a while just like the last time!  We are taking a break for 6 months and I'm on trying to loose weight.  I don't want to get pregnant at the size I am because 1) it not healthy, 2) I'll only get bigger!, and 3) I don't know if I would ever loose the weight.  SO we have been eating at home more, using the elliptical, and I've been sure to get outside with Brynlee for a few hours every day.  So far I've lost 10 lbs, but it's all water weight probably.  My appetite has gone down a ton though :)

So ideally we'll get pregnant with baby #2 before we move (and hopefully have her here shortly before we move).  I'll take some time off when we move to a new state and then start up again in a few months.  This is just a dream plan, let's see how life actually plays out!!

I have been talking with Ben how ideally I would really like to expand my business more and because more reputable and established.  I don't want to be known as the "cheap photographer".  I would like to change the name to something more specific to newborns (eventually I want to only take them and babies) and a little bit cute and whimsical because that's my style.

I also plan on 5 years having completely changed the structure of my business.  In 5 years I'd like to be able to earn enough to get an actual studio space outside of the home to take sessions, consultations, and do to preview and ordering sessions.  No more shoot and burn!  Eventually, I won't be offering a print release (unless they want to pay $300+) and I'd like to make a good living selling prints and canvases to a higher clientele.  So this means that in the next few years I will need to invest in more education (I'd really like to attend a workshop), a new camera body, a new lens, better studio lighting, and an external flash.  Also, there is a lot of money and work that goes into making a studio space.  Which means I need to start saving now!! :)

Here's some studio inspiration: