Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 Months Old Already

I can't believe that Brynlee is 4 months old! I feel like she was born just yesterday, and now she is this little ball of personality with so much sass and happiness.

I'm so lucky to be her mom, because every time I get to look into her cute little smile it's like I see the face of God in her and the blessings that come into our lives by following the commandments and do what is right.  

We celebrated B's 4 month birthday by going to the Kid's Fair in Idaho Falls.  It was a good time, we walked around ran into Ben's trainer at work, saw some farm animals, and got to take some pictures of Brynlee.

We decided to get Brynlee a new toy, because the play mat that she has had since she was born has kind of lost her interest.  We got the Fischer Price Rainforest Jumperoo.  She is still a little small for it so it can be difficult for her to actually bounce but she seems to like sitting in it and just relaxing and enjoying her new toy.  

Our trip to the doctors went pretty well.  Obviously she hated the shots and it was pretty unpleasant for me as well.  She stopped breathing during it and turned a purplish blue which was scary but the nurses were really great.  I fed her a couple of ounces and she cheered right up.  It was weird haha she was smiling when I was putting her clothes back on her, like she was thinking "I'm leaving this place!".

Brynlee's 4 Month Stats (percentile is out of 100 kids this is how many she is as big or bigger than)

  • 25 1/2 inches long- 65th percentile 
  • 13 lbs- 42nd percentile 
  • Head circumference 15 1/2 inches- 9th percentile (I thought that this was the odd one, because her head doesn't look disproportional to her body)  
I think I have a bowling pin for a baby!!! But hey she is so much fun! People comment on how big she is all the time but honestly she is as light as a feather, and as cute as can possible be.  But most importantly she is growing great, and is one happy and healthy little baby.  Can you tell that I am a proud mama?!  

Brynlee's Favorite Things to Do
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours a night straight- I know I am so lucky! She takes about 3 naps a day for about 30-45 minutes each.  We haven't even had to try sleep training because she goes to bed around 9 o'clock every night and sleeps till at least 7 am.  I realize this probably won't last forever, but I have been loving it so much for the last month.  I honestly don't remember the last time I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed her! 
  • Eating- This girl loves her baba.  Every 3 hours she has 4 ounces, it's like clockwork.  She tries to hold it herself but I think that our bottle is to fat for her.  She get's sad after I take the bottle away even when there is nothing left in it, but give her a minute or two and she is back to normal.  
  • Jogging- We have been doing this basically every single day for the last two weeks.  B loves jogging with me! She usually falls asleep at least 10 minutes into it and I usually only go for an hour or two.  
  • Playing with her dad- this is a daddy's girl if I have ever see one.  No one can make her laugh like he can.
Who couldn't love this face?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Update

It's  been quite a while since I updated because of moving to Idaho Falls (I'll put up pictures in another post), finals, and just loving on my sweet chicken little.

Not to much has been going on.  I finished the semester out with a 3.9! I honestly worked my booty off to make sure I got a 4.0 so I'm a little disappointed, but a 3.9 is still really good (especially with a little baby).  I changed my major to marriage and family studies and will eventually finish it online.  Ben got an awesome new job down in Idaho Falls with tons of benefits.  He makes a good hourly wage and he also gets commission on top of it.  He works from 10am-7pm, Monday through Friday.  So we are absolutely loving having weekends off to hang out with us! He gets a week of paid vacation time, and also 4 days of paid personal time.  We also have a pretty good health insurance plan as well as vision and dental.  It's much better then the student insurance we have been on! And in addition he is starting a 401K plan there.  He loves the people that he works with they are all so nice.  There was this really sweet women who is in her 30's and has 4 kids and volunteered to watch Brynlee for us, Ben said that she is so nice!

We celebrated Easter with going to church, relaxing, and finishing the night with a yummy dinner actually made entirely by me haha we had italian bread sticks, garlic Parmesan chicken, tossed salad, ultimate mashed potatoes (absolutely delicious, made with chicken broth, sour cream, chives, eggs, garlic, cheese, and bacon), and of course a staple at all of my families Easter dinners yummy green bean casserole.  

Update on Brynlee(3 1/2 months!).  She is getting so big and tons of personality! Her favorite things to do are PLAYING, she loves her sock monkey, tummy time, and sleeping.  She sleeps really good at nighttime.  She usually give her a bath around 9:00ish and then some playing to totally wear her out, then a bottle, and bed time at around 10ish.  We love it and she sleeps straight through the night to wake up at around 8 or 9.  The poor chicken little is starting to teeth and you can see the white shapes of teeth starting to form and she will grab her mouth and just cry.  It's heart breaking.  She loves tummy time and rolling over.  We're starting to teach her to sit up on her own.  If I hold her for a minute or so sitting up and let go she can do it for about a minute before she softly rolls over.  It's actually pretty funny.