Monday, June 20, 2011


So one day I was browsing online what classes I needed to finish my degree and then I was like maybe I should just try to add them, I honestly didn't think that registration for Fall classes had even been opened up.  Well apparently they did.  And I was about a week late.  So I got most of the classes that I needed but there was one that is a pre-requisite for another 3 classes so I couldn't take any of them.  I'm going to try to add it at the beginning of the semester, and since I know the teacher and have taken 2 classes from him and see him just about every week at T-bell I'm not to scared.  I can always bride him with tacos!

There is more good news.  My major is sociology so there are NO online classes available.  However my minor is business and they pretty much offer every class online.  So instead of deferring when our lil' bebe is born I'm going to be a full time student and do online classes.  I'll be able to finish up all the classes for my minor that semester.  So thankfully I will be FINALLY graduating in April 2013.  It took me a year longer then it should have but I didn't exactly know what I wanted to do, and just took classes that I didn't need and couldn't be used in my degree audit.

So yea being able to take online classes is just such a blessing! I know it will still be hard especially with a newborn baby, but I really want to graduate as soon as possible.  It works out pretty nice because I will be home all Winter semester, and Spring I'm off track.  I'm planning on not working for at least 3 months after the peanut is born.  But Ben works during the day (as soon as he get's out of class Monday-Friday 1-6) So when I go back to work it will only be at night time.  I've been reading a lot of books and I just really want to bond with my baby.  We've also been going back and forth on whether I should get an epidural.  I've heard some positives, like your not as exhausted and it's easier for you to breastfeed and there is a quicker recovery.  And I've heard the negatives- some people say that you don't really experience the euphoria that comes after birth (In my own opinion though people who assume this may never have had a child or an epidural, because everyone I have talked to has said that they were completely coherent).  Honestly we're probably going to get an epidural because being able to nurse my bebe is SO IMPORTANT to me.  Who knows really though, we have plenty of time till D-day.

The BIG DAY is scheduled! July 22 we will be able to put a name to this little one inside of me when we find out if it's a boy or a girl.  I say girl- Ben says boy.  We bet a foot rub for whoever wins.  So everyone cross your fingers because my feet are ACHIN'.    

Monday, June 6, 2011


So really being off track has been quite boring for me!  I cut back on my hours at work because standing all day long on my feet smelling taco meat is not my favorite thing to do.

Really it's been a really quiet Spring.  Ben's in school and keeping BUTT! And he's working super hard at his new job.  He can proudly say that he no longer works at Wal-Mart and has a cool new job at this company called Freedom.  It's a third party sales company that provides internet, cable, and phone services.  He's done some sales (which is a plus because you get commission) but he works a lot in the office billing customers and following up with services.  He really enjoys it and has a great group of co-workers.  It's a really small business and they only have 4 office workers and like 20 sales employees.  Funny thing is that all the guys who work in the office (including the owner) there wives are all pregnant.  I bet work sometimes seems like a relief! :)

Other then work I've just had BABY on the mind.  All the time!  I have convinced myself that we are going to have a girl but we can't find out until the first week of August.  Feels so far away!  We have a few neutral onesies, and then I have bought a few girly clothes too (nothing so far for a boy).  The closer we get to finding out the more excited we get! A girl would be adorable and so fun to dress and I only have sisters, and pretty much have only babysat girls lol so I think I would feel a little bit more prepared if we may a girl.  BUT A BOY! Oh he would be so MUCH FUN!  I can only imagine a little Ben and that just makes me crack up.  Little boys love there moms and it would be so fun!  Either way we are excited for either one!

I got to thinking the other night that we should probably start buying the essential baby items slowly now before we are far into the pregnancy.  Today I went onto Amazon Mom and we got some diapers, bulk baby wipes, bulk baby cream, a first year book, and bulk nursing cream.  The nice thing about Amazon Mom is you actually save money! They have free 2 day shipping which is pretty nice, after I did the math we saved a little over $20.  So you have to research some items to see if you will actually save money.

So I spent almost 2 hours today all on different websites researching what exactly a newborn needs and the little things that you don't realize it until you bring the baby home, and what some people said that they couldn't live without.  I made a huge wish list on Amazon and slowly every two weeks we are going to get stuff.  That way we are paying as we go and not just dropping a huge amount of money at once.  It's a little easier on our bank account and allows us to budget better for the expenses.

This is what we are going to be getting in 2 weeks.  I'm so excited!! Isn't it adorable! It has awesome reviews and was recommend by Fit Pregnancy and American Baby and one of the best swings of the year.  Even better, right now Amazon is selling for $80 less then retail.  It has an electric swings that can swing head to toe or side to side.  Two sound effects and 14 songs, 6 different soothing lullabies and 8 musical tracks.  The swing is one of the items that everybody has told is worth a little extra $