Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beckett's 1 Month Old!

We made it through our first month- holy cow it has flown by super quick.  Beckett is such an awesome baby.  He pretty much just eats and sleeps.  He's like a power nurser too and it only takes like 15 minutes to feed him.

Brynlee is my little helper and LOVES her baby brother.  Sometimes just a little too rough haha she is constantly checking on him and likes to hold him now.  But when he gets fussy and she's holding him she really doesn't want to give him up.  She loves to rest her face on his and kiss him.  They are going to be so stinking cute together.

Beckett is one big kid! He was 11 lbs. 6 oz.  and is pretty long to.  He's just our little linebacker and I love those cheeks.  I understand why Brynlee is always touching them haha.

It amazes me how much he sleeps.  At night time he only nursers twice a night.  Once at 3am and then again around 7am.  He's so easy though because he just eats and goes right back to sleep.  It's weird not having to walk around shushing and bouncing and swaying for hours at a time.  Brynlee was really colicky for the first 6 weeks so life was prety difficult.  I feel like we have a better handle on it this time around :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A little update

We are definitely enjoying being a family of 4! Beckett has such a mellow little personality.  The breastfeeding is going really well too.  During the day he eats about every 2 hours and at night time he eats about every 3 or 4 hours.  Last night Ben used a bottle that I pumped earlier that day so I got to sleep for a solid 7 was wonderful!! I was lucky this week to and three times this week I was able to get Brynlee and Beckett down for naps at the same time, again wonderful.  Beckett's a pretty big kid :) At his 2 week appointment he was 10 lbs. 10 oz. and 21.5 inches long.  So 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight, apparently we make big healthy boys!

Brynlee has been doing really great adjusting to having a sibling.  She gets a little jealous sometimes when Ben gets home from work and can't play with her right that second, but for the most part she's been awesome.  She adores her brother and is constantly checking on him, rubbing his head, and hugging him.  She tells him that she loves him and gives him kisses without any prompting to.  It's so sweet and makes my day.  At first Brynlee would get this nervous laugh whenever he would cry but now (for the most part) she tries to help if he's crying by brining him a binky, a toy, or by telling him to feel better and rubbing his head.  Although twice this week he was crying and I couldn't get to him right away so it had been a few minutes and Brynlee just stood over him and told him to "stop crying baby brother", it was funny and we had a nice little chat that sometimes babies cry and we should be kind to them...I think she got it ;) This was my first official week solo at home so it was interesting! I realize that I need to grow another set of hands or clone myself in order to get everything done.  I'm come to terms there are more important things than to have the apartment spotless, it's generally clean for the most part because when it's messy I feel anxious.

I took Beckett's newborn pictures over a course of 3 days and it really really made me appreciate when I had my small little studio room.  It was such a pain setting everything up and taking it down every day and I eventually gave up.  I wish I could have gotten 1 more setup in (and use at least 2 more of the little pants that I bought), but I am really happy with how they turned out.  I rented the camera that I am hoping to buy next year to test it out and I absolutely LOVED it.  It was a full frame so my 50mm worked perfectly on it.  I tried to get some of Brynlee and Beckett, but right now Brynlee will avoid the camera at any costs.  I managed to get 2 though and I think they are pretty sweet.  I need to take more pictures, but half the time I'm just trying to keep everyone happy.

I lost my pregnancy weight!  It wasn't hard this time because I only gained 13 lbs.  So I actually weight 7 lbs less then when I got pregnant.  I'd like to lose 30 lbs. by December so next week I'm signing up for a new gym membership and I'm going to get my butt into gear.  Ben has been going to the gym a few times a week again so that gives me some encouragment, and I'm lucky if I'm able to eat anything during the day.  All I want to eat is meat and baby spinach salad (with croutons, yum!).  I have to limit the amount of dairy that I eat or Beckett gets really gassy.  Frankly if I can grab a bowl of granola cereal before 11am it's a good day.

Anyhoo, life if a little chaotic right now and I'm still trying to get my bearings.  I have yet to take both kids anywhere by myself yet haha I'm a chicken! Maybe next week ;) I'm still working on Beckett's room.  I changed the color scheme a little bit, it was looking a little too girly for my taste so I added some black and white curtains and some fun wall decor to add some contrast, I can't wait till them get here and it's all done.  Then I'll do another little photo session of it and hopefully get some pictures of me and Beckett together, more lifestyle though.