Friday, May 13, 2011

Our BIG News!

So after about 6 months of trying to get pregnant we finally have some good news!!!! 

We are expecting! 
(text color does not indicate gender)  

Honestly we couldn't be anymore exciting! And for some odd reason I'm not scared at all! Just super happy.
Here are the most common questions that I have been asked:

1.  Are far along am I?
Well I'm 9 weeks and 1 day :) 

2.  How long have we known?
I knew I was pregnant the day I missed my period.  I waited  a
week because I was to nervous.

3.  Was it planned?
To everyones surprise....YES! We actually have been trying
for quite a while

4.  Why are you telling people this early?
We went to the Dr.'s and we got to hear the heart beat!
She said that rarely do people miscarry after there is 
such a strong heart beat.

Plus......I throw up all the time and it seriously
grosses people out.  So I'm like you can't catch pregnant, people
don't usually run away from me dry heaving

5.  Have you had any morning sickness?
Morning sickness is an understatement.  It's all morning, day, and night sickness for this lil' mama!  Seriously though I have had a rough go off it so far.  I was put on Zolfran at 7 weeks to help with it but unfortunately it did NOTHING for me.  After literally 5 days of throwing up everything that I ate and DRANK I finally went into my Dr's.  The minute I got there she had me pee in a cup (Too Much Info, I know) and took one look at it and was like "I'm surprised your standing right now and not passed out on the floor!"  But thankfully the pain of getting 2 IV's was dulled because we got to see out little cashew on the ultrasound!!  I was there 
for about 3 hours getting pumped full of fluids.  I'm on Phenergan now, but I only take 1/2 a dose because
it makes me so tired.  I am feeling a lot better! Still really sick, BUT BETTER! :)
I have to keep telling myself that it's a good sign because it means that 
my hormones are high and that's good for the development
of our little baby.

6.  How is Ben?
Absolutely AMAZING! Seriously I couldn't ask for a better husband.  Every time I throw up at home
he stops whatever he's doing and holds my hair back and rubs my back.  He's super excited and 
we always talk about the baby and what it's going to be like. 
He's a keeper.

7.  Any cravings?
Absolutely nothing! In fact I usually have to force myself
to eat something because food just disgusts me right now.
Our baby likes carrots, yogurt, string cheese, and dry toast.
Pretty exciting diet I know.

8.  How are those mood swings treating you?
Well unfortunately I don't have a job that just sticks me in a
cubicle where I can spend my day.  I am constantly talking to people
and trying to be hospitable and friendly.  It's only happened a couple
of times where I have lost my couple, but it was super embarrassing every time.
Let me just  say, I'm working on it.  

I look at the picture of our ultrasound like 5 times 
a day.  It's so tiny! But you can see the little legs and 
arms have formed.  I think it's the cutest little picture ever!

It's such a blessing to be able to care for this amazing child 
of God.  I still can't believe that Heavenly Father is trusting
us to love, teach, and raise such a precious little thing.