Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lets Go to the Carnival

We had a wonderful Saturday and it was probably one of the funnest ones in such a long time.  We started off the day by taking our family pictures at 11am before the wind picked up and that was so much fun! We bounced all around Rexburg with Whitney Ricks and just had a blast.  The cherry on top was that Brynlee was in a terrific mood and just wanted to have fun.

After that we stopped by to see some friends and then headed back to Idaho Falls where we completely crashed.  I was exhausted and felt a cold coming on so I took a nap while Ben picked up a little around the house.

Our friends Becca and Alan came down for a BBQ at our place and it was so yummy! After we ate we went and hit up a small little carnival here in IF.  It was actually a really fun carnival to, just the perfect size.  I'm not a big ride person but I love going and walking around and watching everyone else go on rides.

Brynlee went on the carousel for the first time and really liked it! I'm not very surprised though because she loves being tossed up in the air and just being thrown around, she's a very fun little girl.  We played a couple of games and won! We won 4 fish! When we were getting ready to leave Ben ran into a guy that he had met last summer selling Direct TV, they chatted a little bit and then he gave Brynlee a little stuffed mouse.  In all honestly it's a very creepy little mouse wearing a diaper, but the guy was really nice and gave it to her for free.

After the carnival we went back to our house and watched Aliens while I feel asleep.  I don't think my body is used to having so much fun all at once because now I'm fighting off a cold.

Last but not least...Brynlee is mobile! The video at the end was taken when she was 5 1/2 months old so now I don't need to coax her to move anymore...she just does it on her own.  As you can tell, I am very proud of my chicken little.

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