Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend the Crafts Never Ended

Well, I was lucky enough to finish all of my homework by Friday night.  Needless to so though I didn't do anything fun during the week!  So Saturday I was definitely going to make the most of it.  I also knew that Ben would have to do probably at least 8-10 hours of homework on Saturday, so I needed to find something that would keep myself busy so I wouldn't bother him.

I had a blast going to every craft store in Idaho Falls and finding almost everything I needed!  However I couldn't find miniature unfinished wooden candlesticks so I had to buy them online (they are for my teeny tiny little cupcake stands).  I bought a 9 in, two 6 inches, and a pack of 5 for the 3in candlesticks.

Here are some of the projects that I completed this weekend.  Just click on their titles to see a good tutorial for each one.  

Decorative Clothespins- I'm using these to hang pictures from for Brynlee's Birthday Party 
and then I'll hang them up in her room.  
 Flower Headbands 
 Funky Frames for out picture collage in the living room
(great deal from Cut It Out Already )  


  1. So I'm planning a baby shower for next weekend and I love those chalkboard labels! (already made the trays- thank you Dollar Tree!) thanks fot the idea, I may need to make another trip to the craft store tonight. hehe

  2. I know I love craft stores, and I was able to get a surprising number of things from the Dollar Tree!