Sunday, September 9, 2012

Five Fall Must Have's

I love Fall!  It's by far my favorite season.  There are tons of options for sweaters, layers, and some fabulous and actually comfortable boots.  This year with all the back to school sales I have already picked up these 2 pairs of boots (as shown below), some fabulous scarves from Old Navy, and my much lived in cardiganss.  Ask anyone I pretty much wear layers every day.  I've also been hitting the gym so I can look DANG good in a sweet pair of skinny jeans.  The fact that I have to loose as much weight as possible in about two months just got much more real!  We are doing our fall family pictures during the middle of October and just a couple weeks later we have heading to Minnesota to visit Ben's family.  While we are there guess what we are doing...Family Pictures!  It's kind of funny, but made me realize that I really need to kick my butt.  20 lbs. in two months....I think it's possible.  We'll see, but any weight lost will be awesome.  Speaking of weight loss this is another reason why I love the Fall.  It's so much easier to exercise outside and it feels awesome to.  Also with the Holidays coming up I want to be in as great of shape as possible before Brynlee turns one.  My goal is to loose 30 lbs. in the next...15 weeks.  I definitely think this is possible if I stick to monitoring my calories and exercising a ton.
Favorite Fall Must Haves

Old Navy striped top

Forever 21 cable sweater

High heel

Low heels


Old navy scarve

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  1. Boots are by far my favorite kind of shoe to wear. I have like 9 pairs! its slightly ridiculous... :/