Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weight Loss Update and Fall Style 2012- Baby Girls

I am 3 more lbs down!! Woowho! I'm really proud of myself and since I started this weight loss goal 3 weeks ago I have lost a total of 8 lbs.  I'm right on track to be at my pre-baby weight by Brynlee's 1 year birthday!  Nothing but exercising at least 3-4 times a week, very good portion control, frequent low-calories meals, and no eating out.  We actually go over the portion sizes of everything that we are having for dinner and I get out the measuring cups and measuring spoons and we get only 1 serving.  If we're still hungry then there is always vegetables and water.  I have to admit though that it took time for our stomachs to get used to just eating the single portions.  I never realized how much we ate!  Well, not anymore.  Ben is starting this running goal on Monday.  He's going to be getting up before work to go on a short run.

Enough of this weight loss talk though, lets get to something fun!

I absolutely love shopping for our little girl Brynlee.  However, I do not like the prices at stores charge.  Way to expensive for what you get, and how long you will actually you use.  So I have buying her clothes down to a science.  Ebay.  Seriously, it's awesome.  Sometimes the clothes are used and other times they are brand new with the tags.  I also tend to buy her clothes online from normal stores to.  I weight till I get discount codes in the mail, or if you sign up for newsletters you usually will get money off as well.   I search hi and low online trying to find free shipping codes, and I usually do.  Also, I've learned that you can get a lot more bang for your buck, by shopping at the end of seasons or beginning of the back to school sales.  When you are buying clothes that are bigger sizes (that they won't fit into right now) make sure it's appropriate for the season.  It also helps to know which brand may run bigger.  For example, Gap and Old Navy run quite big on my little B.  She'll be 9 months in just 2 weeks, and the 6-12 months clothes are still quite big on her.  Expect Gap jeans- those are absolutely perfect.  However Children's Place seems to be just just right.  OshKosh and Carters I found to be quite big as well.  

Here's a loo at some of the goodies that I was able to grab up for Brynlee a couple of weeks ago because of the back to school sales.  Everything I bought was 40% off or more and I had free shipping.  It was a sweet deal! PS.  Can you tell how much I love sweaters and cardigans.  Layering is perfect for babies!  Because they loose more body heat then adults, typically they should be wearing one more layer then we would.  Layering is a perfect way to keep them warm during the fall, but if they get to warm inside you can easily take the sweater off.

Good luck shopping and be sure to check out used clothing stores or ebay, because sometimes they have serious gems!          
Fall Style 2012- Baby Girls

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  1. I love baby clothes shopping! It's so fun to dress them up but not fun to pay the price. I started shopping at Once Upon a Child in Idaho Falls. It's right across the street from Toys R Us. It's a used clothing store but they only accept name brand clothing (Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place, Circo (Target brand)). I love it because all of their clothes are either brand new or gently used with no holes or stains. I bought Claire 10 jackets/sweaters, 10 shirts, 2 jeans (and they were the really nice Old Navy jeans with the elastic waist band that you can adjust to fit them. Claire is super tall and skinny so those jeans are a life saver!), 1 pair of sunday shoes, 2 skirts, and 3 dresses for $70! I was so excited! If you haven't been over there yet you should go check it out! They have toys and other baby gear too.

    P.S. Love all her clothes! Thanks for the tips!