Thursday, July 12, 2012

Healthy Recipes

So I have been doing really good working out and I have shaved 3 minutes off my mile in the last month.  I haven't lost more then a few pounds but I can see a difference in how my pants and clothes fit so I'm starting to actually see some progress!  I can also work out longer and harder then before without getting winded.  Thank goodness for World's Gym that is open 24/7!

One thing that I have really struggled with is finding food to eat.  I'm not a breakfast person, in fact it makes me feel down right sick.  I know it's super important to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism for the day, but nothing ever sounds or taste good.  Right now I do either a slim fast shake, or a yogurt and a very small banana.  Check out some of the information that I found about why breakfast is important to both maintaining a healthy weight and weight loss.  These articles definitely got me going about how I need to start making time for breakfast and finding something that doesn't make me feel nausea all day.  

I've always been good about eating lunch though (mainly because of skipping breakfast I am completely famished).  Most of the time I make a sandwich without the bread.  I get a slice of ham or turkey a slice of cheese, some cucumbers, carrots, and a tablespoon of ranch and I go to town.  It's quite good in my opinion and doesn't make me feel heavy afterwards.  For me personally I think that this is the most important meal of my day.  Because I don't eat dinner until after I work out because I like to eat with my husband when he gets home from work, I really have to make this meal count.  If I eat something bad for lunch I usually feel sluggish and have no motivation to hit up the gym.  Here are some recipes for when I am feeling in a rut with my breadless sandwich.
Since I eat pretty late with Ben we actually keep it really simple most nights.  I know it's bad to eat after 7pm but it's nice to have that time with him to just relax and talk about the day so I will probably not be changing this habit anytime soon.  Pretty much grilled chicken and some kind of side is what we have or a turkey burger.  We don't have super nice dinners except for Saturday and Sunday those are the days I go all out because he doesn't ever work either of them.

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