Friday, July 20, 2012

Gorgeous Stud Earrings {Under $5}

I'm sure you all are wondering why I have been writing so many fashion posts and it's because I desperately want to go shopping! Ugh please let us win a million dollars some day haha because right now polyvore is the closest that I am able to get to the mall.  We are going on vacation in just a couple of week so we are saving pretty much every penny we possibly can so I can also do a little shopping there.

So creating these little posts help me feel like I"m shopping without actually buying anything or spending the money.  The End.

Anyways.....I have found that I can't wear long earrings anymore, or at least I have to be so careful when I do because Brynlee will rip them right out of your ear.  I learned this the hard way the other day and nearly dropped the poor babe on the floor because it hurt so bad.

So here are a list of some stud earrings that I would love to have.  Keep in mind that they are all under $5 and from Forever 21 so if you are anyway sensitive to nickle or copper or whatever you probably want to stay away form these.  But for us gals who have ears of steel these can definitely be opinions.

Ladies, where are some of your favorite places to buy jewelry?  Is there anything that you had to stop wearing once you had kiddos because it just wasn't practice...or just too painful?

Happy Shopping!

Fabulous Studs Under $5

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