Saturday, February 4, 2012

6 weeks and counting!

Brynlee has reached her 6 week mark last week.  We've been really struggling for the last couple of weeks with constant hysterical crying fits and her not sleeping at all during the day.  We've got our routine down though so I think that that will help.  I have been really worried and stressed that something is wrong with her because she cries SO MUCH but as of right now I have to just chalk it up to colic or purple crying and ride out the storm.  It's weird when she's happy she's really happy and when she's not watch out!  I've been reading that it may have something to do with her approaching a growth spurt both psychical and developmental.

Overall I think Brynlee is just a really active baby! She loves to play on her tummy and it's so funny to watch her try to crawl.  She just wants to move!  She roles over on her side really well too!  She's definitely getting bigger and is finally fitting into her 0-3 months clothes.  Most of them are still really long on her, I think she's just tiny

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