Saturday, February 11, 2012

7 weeks

On Wednesday we hit the 7 week mark! Not to much going on.  We are still constantly trying to figure out what she should be eating.  I probably sound like such a hypocrite because of this post, but we've switched her to a formula to help with her digestive issues.  I'll try harder with the next one!  I'm pretty sure that she is slightly lactose intolerant.  At first we put her on a soy formula and it seemed to really help, then it made her SUPER constipated.  I'm talking like bleeding and in excruciating pain and we kept on hearing concerns from different people about the long term affects of soy formulas...So we've ditched the soy and I feel really good about it! We are now using Similac Sensitive and she is back to normal and seems really content.  She's still fussy at certain times of the day but what baby isn't! :)

Highlights of this week

  • Earlier this week I made a mad dash to the doctors because of how much pain Brynlee was in.  Seeing her in pain, screaming, and having these big tears flowing from her eyes completely crushed me.  I started crying while she was trying to get the last of her little poo out (TMI sorry).
  • Our new neighbors are super awesome!! Ali and her husband offered to watch Brynlee this week so me and Ben could go on a date for Valentines day and Jennifer made me dinner when she saw that Ben wasn't home.  They are awesome.  I love the little things.
  • I got a truck load of coupons for formula from a few different girls in my ward.  Thank you! Again with the awesomeness.  
  • Brynlee loves to play on her belly and is definitely building some super strong neck muscles 
  • She is cooing like crazy and she's starting to smile a lot more.  They are real smiles too, not just when she's tooting 
  • I got ahead in school this week so thankfully I am not rushing to get done a million different assignments on Saturday..And so far I have straight A's.  I'm going to keep it up.
  • I've started to make some time to do a craft during the week so I don't feel like all I do is homework and watch TV when Brynlee is sleeping.  This week it was her Valentines day outfit.  She's my cutest little valentine *sorry Ben, maybe next year ;) 
  • Ben is on the hunt for a new job before he looses his mind at Freedom ( on a side note: you would think that an owner of the company wouldn't screw up his paycheck every week....and what a coincidence that it is always under...let's just say there is something SEVERELY sketchy with this man) so if anyone knows of any hook a brother up

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  1. Brittany she is SO cute! It's crazy how fast they grow. I'm so glad that the sensitive formula is working for her! You sound like such a great Mom :)