Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm so lucky I have two Valentines!

We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate Valentines Day on Monday night because our AWESOME neighbors volunteered to watch Brynlee for an hour.  We are so grateful! It was rally nice to just go out to dinner with just the two of us.  I got some pretty potted flowers too! Love them

Me and Brynlee also celebrated Valentine's Day today.  I made cupcakes and I dressed her up in a bunch of different fun valentine's day outfits.  I guess this is a plus to having a baby who spits up all her food :) I made the little red onesie using an old white one we had and I also did the embellishment on her sweater.  Fun stuff!

Onto the good stuff...

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  1. hey, I started adding rice cereal to Lincoln's formula when he was just tiny. He hardly spit up when I did because it made it heavy enough to stay in his stomach, it also helps them sleep longer through the night and between feedingd. Random thought, but it made my life super easy. I also cut his bottle nipples a little larger cause the milk was thicker. Doctors will tell you not to, but I learned it from another mom and it worked for me.