Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Month Check and Vaccinations

On the 21st we took Brynlee to her 2 month well baby check and for her to get her immunizations.
We were really lucky that Ben had the day off because it was so sad seeing her in so much pain! She got 6 vaccinations but only had to get 4 shots.  When they poked her her eyes got so big and wide and she was dead silent for a couple of seconds.  Then she let out such a sad cry and her faced tightened up so bad and she was red like a fire truck, I was honestly worried that she was going to pop a blood vessel in her face.  I felt so bad for her that I almost started crying.  She was a pretty good trooper though and calmed down in a few minutes when we gave her a bottle and swaddled her.  I can tell that she has had a rough day though, because all day she was SUPER clingy and grumpy.  Poor girl!

Brynlee's well baby check went really well and she is growing like a champ! She's now at 10.13 lbs and is 23.5 inches long. That makes her in the 52 percentile for weight and the 76 percentile for height! She must have gotten her tall gene from the Jensen's! She's perfect in every way :)

Some of her favorite things are now...

BATH TIME! It's like she is in heaven...the other afternoon she was having a complete meltdown and I couldn't figure our why (she was probably just super tired), so I put her in the bathtub and she calmed down immediately it was so funny

She loves trying to swat at the links and she can actually grab them too.  She's not a huge fan of raddles but when I put it in her palm she will close it and hold onto it for a few seconds and them drop it.

It's the funniest thing to put her on her little belly and watch her try to crawl.  She is just itching to move!
We took Brynlee down to Pocatello to see Ben's sister Jess play basketball at Idaho State University and to see her Grandma and Grandpa Jensen.  Let's just say this little girl could not be loved anymore.

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