Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bedside Table Before and After

I got this awesome cheap bedside table.  But the paint was kind of wearing off and I really hated the hardware on it.  This is the beginning of our bedroom transformation that is happening this month.

We are kind of a strange couple because when we get gift cards and stuff for birthdays or holidays, we never go out and spend them just cause we have them.  We wait till there is something we really want and then we use them.  So we were able to get a new bedspread and curtains so next to nothing.  Patience is wonderful! 
It looks white in the picture but it's really a subtle cream

Cream curtains

The inspiration for out bedroom is black/gray, cream
with little pops of.... Yellow
It's definitely something new for us.
 If you go into our apartment it's pretty much browns, 
red, and neutrals.  Just because that's what we had.
 But I want to be ADVENTUROUS with our
decorating.  So we're going out on a limb here.
Let me tell you Mr.  Stanly is a little 
bit nervous for this transformation.

    I like the subtle yellow though, so really not to much of the 
bright sunshine.  

This is what Ben is afraid of:

We are definitely not going that far.

Back to the bedside table that I was talking about.

Sand it down
Paint it
Add new hardware
Make a cute frame (spray paint and add rosettes)
Make decoupage books
Spray paint a .25c vase 

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