Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheap and Chic Decor

Pretty much this blog has turned into a place for me to show some of the things that I have created and to pass the directions onto others who like it.  I'm going to try to include an inspiration photo for every one of my projects.  To be honest, there is really nothing that I come up with completely on my own.  So I want to give credit where credit is do.  I do however usually change things or add a little somethin' somethin' to get it my own personal flare.  It make it feel more unique to me.

So the tutorial that I got here is quite the little experiment, but can I just say that it is completely worth it! I learned a very important lesson when working on this project the last couple of days....SPRAY PAINT IS A GIFT FROM GOD! Seriously though.... this was my first time using spray paint and I absolutely love it.  I'm been converted.  It's so easy and gives it just this nice even coat, looks like I bought it....Your probably thinking that I'm off my rocker, but really just go out and buy some.  I was able to get a whole can of black spray paint for only $2! I still have a ton left, and I plan on using it!

Stepping off my soap box now.....Back to the tutorial.  So this is just a cute little knick knack that I put together.  I convinced Ben tonight that we needed some change in our living room.  He's pretty against it, due to my terrible sense of straightness and putting little holes in the wall.  And we rent an apartment so that's not the best idea.  So when spring comes, and I'm not in school that semester I'm going to be working on redecorating our living room, all I have to do is help Ben patch up the little holes in the wall (there really aren't that many)!!! I'm sooooo excited! It's going to be a nice change.  I just had to promise that if something needs to be hung that he get's to do it.  And I'm completely on board with that! It'll just test my patience a little!

Inspiration:  My inspiration for this came from Shanty 2 Chic, go on over and take a look at Whitney's awesome projects.  She's truly inspiring!

Materials Needed for a set of three:
  • 1 large candle stick ($3)
  • 2 small candle sticks ($2 for both)
  • 3 coordinating scrapbook paper (I had a leftover scraps so I didn't need to buy any)
  • 3 round flat wooden disks ($1 for all)
  • 3 decorative toppers ($1)
  •  3 wooden plaques ($3 for all)
  • Gorilla Glue (this is the best! I already had it so no need to buy it)
  • Spray paint of your liking (I got mine for only $2! A nice black so I know that I will use it again, you get alot of uses out of spray paint) 
  • Scissors 
  • Lined Paper
  • Pencil 
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge 
  • Small vinyl word
  • 2 small pictures
  • Embellishments (I just used old scrap booking supplies I had)
  • Craft Sticks ( I already had you can get like a bag of 100 for only $2)


Disclosure:  In Whitney's tutorial she was able to get wood from Lowe's and have it a rectangle about 1/2" thick.  Since I live in the middle of nowhere and have to rely on Porters Crafts for all my crafting addictions I had to make due with what I had.  So the construction of our is different and you'll be able to see the changes that I have made.  More details will be included in the instructions

First things first gather all your materials and make sure that you have everything
that you need.  Wash off your birch wooden candle sticks, the wooden plaques, 
flat disks, and the decorative topper.  After it's dry then got ahead and start your 
spray painting.  Your going to want to do at least 3 coats.  Wait 30 minutes before
you do each one.  I chose to spray paint all my wooden I didn't want anything to show.  
Thankfully though you only have to do one side of the small disk.  Everything else
I would do both sides. 

After they are good and dry add some of the gorrila 
glue to the unpainted side of your flat disk.
Then place it on top of the candle stick holder.
This is a MUST! Because you are working 
with an uneven wooden plaque you have to have
a stronger base then just the little candle stick.

As you let all of this set and dry start working on your 
wooden plaque.  Your going to want to start out by tacking
a sheet of light lined school paper (or something that you can 
easily see through) and trace the border of the plaque that you want to cover.
*If your plaque doesn't have beveled edges you don't need to do this, just trace it onto the 
back side of your scrap book paper

The next step is super easy.  All you have to do is 
place the make-shift stencil onto your scrapbook paper
then cut along the lines.

 Decoupage! The wonderful gift of mod podge
has made my life so much better :) I love this stuff
Simple decoupage the scrap book paper onto your plaque


The take the small picture and cut it how you'd like it to look 
and mod podge that sucker again.  See isn't it fun! 
I did another coat on top of the whole thing to weather 
it a little bit.  Then add your embellishment.  I had this 
two little round metals so I did one for each picture.   

I did two plaque like this and one larger one with the vinyl

So this is where your crafting skills are put to the test! 
Your going to lay the plaques face down.  Then take the candle stick and lay in
down where you would like it to meet.  Take your gorilla glue and add just a small
amount on your plaque and and the candle stick where it will meet.
Hold it Down for about 30 seconds.  After it's dry,
Your going to take your craft stick and gorilla glue it to edge of the flat
disk, and the make sure it's straight and gorilla glue it to your plaque.
This is what it will look like.

Then gorilla glue the decorative toppers.  
Let it dry and WABAM! Your done!


  1. SO FLIPPIN' cute! I saw these on Shanty's and I loved them. I love how you added the polka dot paper...SO FUN! Awesome job!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  2. Nicely made - I really like these! Adds dimension to a good photo display, I'll have to make some, too!

    Julie (