Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All that JAZZ!

So I had gotten us tickets to a Jazz game a few months ago, and we have been soooo EXCITED!

It was an awesome game! Fortunately too they WON!

WOOOWHO!!! It was my first NBA game, and to say the least it was AWESOME and so FUN! 

On top of seeing a super great game! We also we BLESSED to witness the amazing talent of 60 women over the age of 50 YEARS OLD, getting their groove on!

The last little old lady to leave the court was INCREDIBLE!
She did these awesome high kicks....and then totally jumped
and landed in a split!

She must have been like 60 years old!

She's my inspiration for what I want to be like at
her age

It was AMAZING! 

In the end the Jazz and the Kings went into over time!  The crowd got so PUMPED UP! 

And the Jazz took it home ending the game at Jazz 109, Sacramento Kings 102

Quite the Adventure if I do say so myself.  

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