Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Hello all!

Can I just say how much I love valentines day! Our apartment is slowly getting filled with little decorations and one of them include this cute little wreath to hang on our boring white door.  I'm been in such a crafting mood lately! I'm loving it!

Inspiration:  Shout out to Happy Happy Housewife I can't get enough of how cute this is against the navy door.  I've become obsessed with crafty DIY blogs lately.  These women are amazing always coming up with new and thrifty activities!

The instructions are super easy!

  • 16 inch foam wreath
  • 2 different fabric (1/4 yard each)
  • The forever trusty HOT GLUE GUN 
  • Small wooden letters 
  • 5 oz. yarn 
  1. Tie a very small knot at the beginning, wrap around once.  Then knot it again.
  2. Wrap yarn close around the wreath.  Make sure that you wrap it tight and try your best to not overlap.  It'll take a few minutes to get into the motion, but you'll get the hang of it.  I found that spacing about 1in.  between each rotation around the wreath and them squeezing them in together, was really productive.   REMEMBER: IMPERFECTIONS=PERFECTIONS Don't stress some yarn overlaps.  It's DIY! 
  3. Once all your wreath is covered tie another small knot, wrap yarn once again, then knot once more.  Clip off any yarn that may be sticking out from your knots.
  4. Paint your wooden letters and let dry.  Paint again.  Let dry.  ONE MORE TIME....Paint then let dry.
  5. Make the rosettes:  Small rosettes:  use 2 in. and 1/4 yard Large Rosettes:  1 in. and 1/8 yard of fabric. *If your fabric is fraying more then you like simply singe the edges with a lighter, but be careful! WATCH YOUR BANGS GIRLS                 
    • Tie a small knot at one end of your fabric
    • Hot glue the knot to the fabric that is left on top.  
    • Simply wrap the fabric around the knot while twisting it.  *I like to keep mine tight in the middle and loosen it as it expands
    • As your twisting and wrapping be sure to add hot glue to the fabric.  *Make sure you try to keep is as close to the edge of the fabric as possible, so you get as little hot glue showing as possible.
    • Once you get about 1in left of fabric simply dap some hot glue to the bottom of the rosette and add the the fabric on top to secure it in place.
     6.  Hot glue the rosettes on and letters
     7.  I hung it up using the left over fabric I had  and VOILA! YOUR DONE

Now take a step back and love your crafty self!

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