Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New York Trip Part 1

We went to New York for a few days to visit all of my family and for Brynlee to meet everyone.  First off, the plan ride was an absolute breeze!  Brynlee fell asleep about an hour before we took off and didn't wake up till we landed.  There was absolutely no fussing at all, so we were pretty grateful for that.  

Once we flew into JFK we headed up to my Mom's house and the rest of the evening we just hung out with my family.  The next day was a complete blast of fun!  We had my Aunt Pat and Uncle Paul and my two cousins (Brynn and Baryck) come up from South Carolina, my other Aunt Debbi, my Grandpa and his wife, then my Grandma and Louie, my sister and her husband, a bunch of my Mom's and sister's friends, my other cousin with her husband and son (who is due any day now!).  The we had my dad and his girlfriend and her son come up as well.  Needless to say we had a very full house, tons of yummy food, great company, and Brynlee got spoiled with presents and love.  I have to say to that Brynlee was LOVING the attention!  Seriously I thought that she would be scared of strangers and all these new people wanted to hold her and chase her around but she was in Heaven.  The only person she scared of was my grandmother.  Keep in mind though that when old people start to hit the last leg of their race they sometimes get scary looking.  She also had all her teeth taken out just 2 days prior to seeing us, and they can't put the dentures in until all the swelling goes down.  Brynlee loved all her cousins so much and just wanted to be in the mess of them.  She was also quite a big fan of our dog AJ! Overall it was a world wind of 4 days. Next time we will stay longer! 

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