Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fell Off the Wagon

So I was on like this exercise kick for only about 3 weeks before I just got frustrated that I wasn't loosing any weight that I gave up.  I know, it's pathetic and the exact opposite of what I should have done which would have been to work harder.

I can be totally honest with myself and say that I have been a lazy looser.

However, that is going to change! The problem that I have is sticking to exercise.  I'll go on this huge workout bend and eat really healthy but after not seeing a single lb. drop I get so bummed out.  Am I the only one?!

I think I need to start this slow and steady.  I lost weight when I went off to college and the best I ever felt was at a 130.  I was in no way a twig, but I was so fit, I exercised every day, and I just looked so good! However, I did not do it by healthy means so after about a year or so the lbs. started to creep back on.

I think my problem is I'm used to loosing weight from not eating, or throwing up, and taking diet pills.  I just can't bring myself to do that anymore because I have a family now and I wouldn't want my daughter doing those things when she is older.  I know that's a good thing though! I was starting to have some health issues because of them.  But I've never lost weight the normal persons way, I have always incorporated one of those destructive habits which was why I was able to get into shape somewhat fast.

Today I took the plunge and stepped on the scale.  After crying for about 10 minutes I picked myself back up and did something about it.  I went on a 20 minute jog.  I know that is probably nothing for some people, but for me it was a killer (and it was only 1.2 miles).  I've never been very good at running but at least I had an 8 minute mile, this was just sad! However, I am proud of myself for doing it even though I felt like a fat looser.  

I'm going to start jogging every morning for 20 minutes and start going to the gym again on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I think I burnt myself out last time.  I'm also going to use Fit Day again.  I used this when I first lost weight in college and I loved tracking my calories.  

I'm not going to lie though, sometimes I wish I could just loose weight like I did before but I know that it's a problem for me and if I do it just once I go to an extreme with it that just isn't healthy.

Wish me luck...again!


  1. Britt, don't get down on yourself girl, you look good! Just remember that even if you're not always seeing the results you can definitely feel them! And I'm sure that feeling good about yourself and feeling good about what you're eating makes for a happier self! Losing weight is a by-product of doing what's good for your body. It will come, keep up the good work!

  2. Bulimia probably messed up your metabolism and so when your body diets, it instantly goes into starvation mode and causes you to gain weight because it thinks you are going to do what you did last time. You can totally do it the healthy way, in fact bulimia usually causes weight gain. Maybe you are trying too much all at once? I found I lose MORE weight when I don't count calories and instead just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. Either way you are freaking gorgeous!