Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Pictures Outfits

So I am probably a little bit on the weird side, because summer is ginally coming to an end but it is just to DANG hot out to embark outside.  So while Brynlee is sleeping, all my articles for Quality Gal have been written, and our house is near spotless I see no harm in looking for clothes online for our upcoming Fall Family Pictures.  I know you are probably thinking didn't you just have your family pictures like...2 months ago.  While, yes we did.  But we are obnoxiously lucky.  See back in February when I entered Brynlee's picture in so we could win family pictures I did it for two different contests.  I honestly didn't really expect to win either of them, because we just aren't that lucky.  However....we did! Thanks "lil duck" for being so darn cute and win us family pictures.  So we wanted to take them in the fall when the weather is changing and because I felt bad pushing it back any farther.  SO here is the lovely little outfits that I have put together.  Fun thing is...The only thing we actually need to by is my jacket, Brynlee's skirt and headband, and Ben's sweater.  We have everything else.  So I think this is pretty sweet.  Look's like I will be doing some extra articles though to pay for these ;)
"Fall Family Pictures 2" by brittanystanly on Polyvore


  1. I agree with #2, you can't go wrong with boots in the fall. Where did you find those brown baby boots? They are to die for!!!

  2. I love those brown baby boots to! I bought them online at Old Navy. I don't think they sell them in stores yet, but I know that this weekend they have a 25% off your order and free shipping. Brynlee hasn't worn them because her feet are still too small and it's like 95 degrees here everyday, but they look like they are nice quality!