Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Our Easter was celebrated fairly low key this year.  I had sessions on Saturday and Monday so we couldn't go down and visit Ben's family in Utah.  However I've blocked out a three day weekend in May when we can visit them.

For Easter I woke up early to clean and make a delicious breakfast.  I'm talking the whole nine yards- bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and toast.  It was delicious!  Then we watched Brynlee open her little Easter Basket we made her.  She was so stinkin' cute!  She loves Easter eggs- playing with them, trying to eat them, and especially throwing them.

After we all got cleaned up we headed to Church.  We only lasted the first two hours because Brynlee's naps starts at 1 and so does Church.  It's really hard to stay that last hour because she just gets really fussy and doesn't like to be held while she sleeps.

When Church was over we headed on up to Rexburg to have dinner with some really great friends.  It so awesome having friends who feel like family when we don't have any family near us.

Overall it was a very successful Easter.  I just love having the constant reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made and the examples that He gives us.  Even though the Easter bunny is awesome and candy is yummy, that's not what it's about.  Easter is all about remembering our Savior and celebrating His life and how He conquered death.

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