Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Running a Business- NOT a Stinkin' Hobby

I definitely feel comfortable saying that I am now a small business owner.  I have had a steady flow of paying clients for the last two months and also a plethora of people who seem to think that photography is some how a bartering trade.  Granted- I did do 8 free sessions to start out, and I'm glad I did!  I got my feet in the water, learned a lot, and felt comfortable charging people afterwards.

I am however NOT doing absolutely anything for free anymore.  Sorry, just not happening.  Unless it's a shoot out with other photographers in the area,, second shooting with an experienced professional, or trading photos with another photographer.  Anything else "free" aint happening with me.

My services are not negotiable.  Sorry- but you wouldn't go into the Gap and say "you know what I know this shirt is $40, but I only have $20- will you take $20 instead".  One word- rude.  My prices are clearly stated on my website and it even says that they are non-negotiable.  I'm sorry, but I still don't understand why people think that I am going to lower my price for them because they say they only have X amount of money.  My prices are extremely extremely competitive in our area.

I put a GREAT deal of time into every session.  Actually taking sessions can last from only 1-2 hours, this is just a drop in the bucket to the time that I invest.  Each edited picture takes roughly 10-15 minutes to create.  Honestly, I spend roughly 4-5 hours per day working on editing sessions, learning more technical skills, responding to emails, improving my marketing, etc.  Not to mention the literally THOUSANDS of dollars that we have now invested into this so it will actually make us money (no joke).  The camera, insurance, my lenses, props, backdrops.  Seriously the list goes on.

I'm not doing this as a hobby- yest I love it, but I'm doing this to help put food on our table and to pay our bills.  I'm doing this to set a good example to my daughter that wives and mothers can pursue their dreams and passions while still loving and caring for their families.  I saw this picture on Facebook today and it just really reminded me of what I have been feeling for quite some time.


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