Wednesday, April 3, 2013

15 Months Old

Holy Moly we are in full fledged toddler-hood!  I have a very sweet, spunky, yet dramatic little lady on my hand.  She is full of personality and determination.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn't like.
She is great at playing with other kids.  She loves just getting into everything.  She's actually kind of a busy body.  When I take her to the park she isn't shy at all.  She just goes up and makes a little friend around her age, or she follows the bigger kids around trying to do what they do.

Brynlee has completely changed my outlook on life.  I feel like I am a much more positive person.  I try harder to see the happy things and I hand conflict and disappointed differently. I love being a mom- it's hard and frustrating at times but the good definitely outweigh the bad- by a lot.  I am so craving another baby, but unfortunately it is not time yet.  Not too long hopefully!  We'd like to get pregnant within the next year, but only time will tell and that's the attitude that we have right now.

I don't want our kids to be too far apart in age and Brynlee loves babies so I think that she would adjust pretty well as long as their not too far apart.  Again though, it's not in our hands so we will take it one day at a time.  Right now I am completely in love with this little ball of energy and she certainly keeps me very busy.

Here's a few little tid-bits about Brynlee at 15 months old
  • She's a small fry:  Brynlee is 31 inches long (40 something percentile) and 21 lbs. 4 oz (30 something percentile).  I really thought she was bigger than that but the scale doesn't lie haha She still fits into some 6-12 month clothes and the majority of her clothes are still 12 months.  
  • Climbs everything!  She child is a little monkey now.  She loves climbing up on chairs, steps, you name it she'll climb it. 
  • Loves going to the gymnastics gym on Friday.  It's so fun watching her run around all excited and learning new things like walking on the balance beam for toddlers and learning to jump on the tramp.  I can't wait to get her into the gymnastics Mommy n' Me class next year.  We were there the other day and she wanted to go say Hi to the lady who work the front.  She stood up all the way on her tippy toes to peek over the desk and the lady said- "that's a gymnast right there- pointed toes and check out those calves!" When she stands up her calves look like they have little golf balls in them.
  • She's very brave!  When were at the gym she'll walk right into the foam pit.  This first time was an accident- then she decided that she liked it and wanted to do it again and again.  
  • Loves being naked.  When we take her clothes off and she's just in her diaper she runs around like a nut.  She screams through the house waving her arms.  
  • Babbling a ton- she's on track for words.  She'll say dada, mama, what's that, and occasionally book and sit (which sounds like a word that a little baby should not be saying!) 
The most important thing though is that she is happy, healthy, and loved.  What more could I ask for! 


  1. Kenneth and Brynlee are about the same measurements. Kenneth only weighs a few ounces more then her. He's already moved up to 18 months and 12-18 months, and could very soon move into 18-24 months because everything is so short on him pant wise. But with warmer weather he might just stay in this size for longer. Also he has a big head and that's another reason he needs moved up in clothes.

  2. Kenneth is so cute- I hope everything is going well! Yea Brynlee's pants are usually 12-18 months, but shirts are still 12 months. She has longer legs and a shorter torso so pants that fit her length wise don't fit her waist. It's so funny how different brands sizing is! She fits into most of her 6-12 month gap & old navy shirts, but some 18 month tops fit her as well from Children's Place. Except the jacket that she's wearing in these pictures is 6-9 months! She isn't heavy on top at all.

  3. Thanks. Brynlee is cute too and looks like she has a great personality. We should seriously get together one day and let them play I think they would have a blast. Kenneth has long legs too. I hate moving him up in clothes especially since they're all so baggy on him.