Sunday, May 6, 2012

Museum of Idaho

So we decided after Brynlee was born that we were going to make the most out of our valuable Saturdays.  Since Ben and I have gotten married he has basically worked every Saturday, so now that he has weekends off it is such a nice treat to be able to plan things to do.

This week we went and checked out the Dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Idaho.  It's a really small museum but it was pretty cheap and the exhibits were interesting.  I love dinosaurs and sharks so I really wanted to go before they ended the exhibit next week.  It was a fun time for us.  Like always Brynlee feel asleep within like 15 minutes! Afterwards we wanted some Mexican food to celebrated Cinco de Mayo.  We went to Sol Rio and it was delicious!! My burrito was seriously like a foot long and 4 inches wide, I couldn't believe how big it was so I had enough for like 3 meals.  Then we headed home so Ben could do about 6 hours of homework :) I love Saturdays! Next week...Farmers Market! I'm so happy that we can spend time together as a family doing something enjoyable, and Brynlee loves to be around people anyways so that's a plus.


  1. We love the Museum of Idaho, they've had some pretty cool exhibits! Glad you get out of the apt. and have some fun :) we have the same philosophy that weekends should be planned with good family time activities! ps Brynlee is growing up so fast- she is so cute!

  2. Thanks Lindsey- we are seriously loving being closer to things to do! And Charlotte is so adorable!