Monday, May 7, 2012

Am I the Only One?!

So we have our first set of family pictures set for May 26th, and I am only slightly getting stressed out about it.  Since I haven't lost anywhere near as much weight as I had wanted to by then I am feeling 1) totally self conscious, 2) embarrassed about my post baby belly and 3) uncomfortable in front of a camera.

We haven't taken actual professional pictures since the just over 2 years we have been married- so it's a pretty big deal for these to look good and for me to feel good in them.  We decided to take them up at the gardens at BYU-Idaho because the flowers should be in bloom, there aren't many people there on a Saturday, and it's right next to the wheat fields ( I wanted a couple there too, if possible).

So since I can't magically make 20 lbs just fly off my waistline I have been searching and searching and searching for the perfect outfit to hide all the flaws.  There's positives and negatives to shopping.  Positives- I love looking at clothes and finding ones that fit and flatter.  Negatives- spending money and realizing that I am not longer a svelte size 4 and more like....actually I'd rather not mention ;)

Ben has been pretty understandable about the whole thing and agreed to let me get my hair done that morning (because I absolutely hate curling my own hair- it takes me like 3 hours, so having someone else !) and to also get my nails done.  What a guy right?!  I think he also knows that if I feel better I'll be happier and therefore look better, and then he doesn't have to hear me complaining for the next years about our pictures.  Some people probably think that family pictures are no big deal- but they are really important to me! My family never took pictures growing up and I really wish we had, so with our family I want to make sure that we have pictures and writings to go along with our memories.

So I have like 3 different outfits that I like, but none that I love and feel totally hot I'm still searching but we have Brynlee's and Ben's clothes picked out...Of course Brynlee is going to be the cutest one out of all of us! She is definitely adorable and a total ham in front of a camera- she's a really smiley baby but when she see's a camera or a cell phone she get's really serious most of the time.

I've found a few family pictures that I have really liked and want to do something similar to it.  I don't want a million just posed pictures (just a few), I like things to be natural as well and just having fun.  But if we could get a good one of ALL of us smiling (and me not looking like I have three chins) then I would be in heaven.  I love bright colors, and when people aren't matchy-matchy and I just hope that I can stop stressing out about them and just enjoy a fun afternoon with our little family.  If anyone has any tips with taking family pictures with a 5 month old- please share! I can't be the only person who gets stressed out over family pictures right?

    love balloons


  1. Brittany I have to tell you that I think you look so good! It's so obvious to me (and Tristan also because I showed him a picture) that you have lost weight, and in general just look happier and healthier! I'm serious, you really do. Motherhood seems to light you up. So I have no doubt your pictures will turn out awesome. I can't wait to see them! Also, you can check out this website that has cute family pictures. (it's also a blog of her family, but she put ups photos she takes of families). Check it out and maybe you'll get some ideas! Most of hers are on beds, but some are outside. is the website. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Markie you are way to sweet!! Thank you so much! Heck if I could look half as good as you when Brynlee is 1 then that will be amazing. You don't even look like you had a baby! Thanks for making me feel great!