Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh what a deal!

So......I'm NOT one to brag but I'm going to.  If your looking for a romantic getaway in Salt Lake City or Boise then you should head on over to Anniversary Inn

It was 11 months ago yesterday that me and the Hubs were sealed for eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple!  We had an amazing day filled with love and celebration.  Since both of us don't live in Salt Lake City we were kind of nervous about staying at a hotel that we've never ever seen before.  But me being the dutiful planner that I am research every hotel in Salt Lake City.  When we came across the Anniversary Inn I got so excited! They didn't have a single bad review, so we booked it!  Now here's how nice Anniversary Inn is! There was some mix up with the reservations when we wanted to add an extra night.  Apparently somehow they just deleted our entire reservation.  OH MY! Picture this I'm sitting in my wedding dress in the car not knowing why it's taking so long as Ben is checking in.  He is such a charmer....he explained that this was our wedding night and that we NEEDED a room.  Guess what they did....

Upgraded us to one of the nicest rooms and only charged us for the cheapest.  Pretty great deal night! 

Well since our one year anniversary is the weekend of finals going down to UT didn't seem like it was the smartest thing to do.  So we are going down the weekend after! Bonus...Last time we stayed they gave us a $150 gift certificate for another stay!! YES! SCORE! Another Bonus:  They have a Special that for $300 you get 2 nights stay with an early check in and....get ready for this one.....$100 gift card to restaurants like the The Roof, an amazing restaurant buffet it's not one of those cheap one's but it really is an amazing buffet with delicious food and looks right at the Salt Lake Temple.  And you even have money left over for a cheap lunch at the Garden.  They make the best Buffalo Burgers Ever! So with our discount we are paying $175 for pretty much an amazing weekend! Yes, it's a dent in our wallets but this is going to be our last anniversary out west before we move to Minnesota and the Salt Lake Temple holds a very special place in our hearts.

So what do I LOVE about Anniversary Inn??

The Rooms- yes, they are themed and I love it. :) Call me whatever you want but they are so nice and they are NOT TACKY at all!  It's a nice little get away! We're staying in the Phantom of the Opera Room! Check out this room

Location, Location, Location- right in the hear of Salt Lake City this beauty is less then a mile away from Temple Square and the best restaurants

Specials- I'm pretty sure they are running all year round, so they are definitely a good deal. 

Service- They are so nice and accommodating! Not to mention the delicious breakfast that they deliver to you in the money featuring the best scones and parfaits and fresh squeezed OJ.  To top that they deliver cheese cake to your room every night along with a bottle of Martinelli's. 

CLEAN- The rooms are impeccable.

So are you and your someone special in need of a little get a way? 

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