Saturday, December 1, 2012

When it Rains it Pours...Literally

I had to make a trip up to Rexburg to check out the gardens and get a feel of the flow for a maternity session that I have coming up.  Since this is my first session I wanted to be as prepared as possible and have a game plan so she wouldn't have to go from sitting to standing and walking around everywhere then back to sitting then standing then sitting get the picture right.

Well my plans did not got accordingly.

The weather was nasty, but when I left Idaho Falls it said that it was overcast in Rexburg....not raining.

Literally when I got into Rexburg it started to rain...of course.  Me being the stubborn person I am was not just going to head back to Idaho Falls.  I used almost a quarter of a tank of gas just going up there!  I also didn't realize that they changed the parking (again) since I had last been there.  I was worried I would get a ticket so I parked as far away as possible.  I park literally in the farthest corner in the parking lot that is past the right near the temple.

Well when I left my car it wasn't raining that much, just a little drizzle.  Brynlee was bundled up really good to and had a blanket in her stroller so I thought she would be just fine for a few minutes.

Well I got down to the gardens and then it really just started pouring.  So, I ran to the I Center...that is when I basically got stranded.  It was raining really hard and Brynlee was wet just from the walk down from the car.  I didn't have a bottle of formula with me because I didn't think we were going to be there for that long.  I spent the next 30 minutes walking around the I Center trying to wait out the rain.

I then came to terms that the rain for not stopping any time soon, so I ventured out into it.  It was horrible.
I used Brynlee's blanket to try to cover the stroller and block the rain.  But Brynlee kept on pulling it off.  So she was getting drenched.  Then she started crying.  People are now starring and probably thinking who is that stupid girl taking her baby out for a walk in the rain.

I wasn't using the jogging stroller and was in boots, but I attempted to run up the hill.  That is a big stinking hill to! Brynlee was really crying loud now.  She had kicked off her shoes...and her socks.  So now she is completely bare footed in the rain.  Worst mom award right here.  I thought I saw her pink boots about 20 feet away so we ran back down to get them and found her socks as well.

Now I started to cry.  Seriously, right in the middle of campus.  Me and Brynlee just sobbing in the rain trying to get these wet shoes and socks on her feet.  There was really no winning in this situation.

Then all of a sudden I lost my mind.  There was a little go-kart driving by and I totally flagged them down.  I didn't realize that they used them for a tour, I thought that it was just campus employees.  Well I begged them for a ride to my car.  They couldn't believe it, but how could they say no to a crying wet baby!

It was embarrassing.   But, I'm so happy that they gave us a ride.  It was the longest 3 minute ride of my life. I can tell you I was never happier to be home after that.  Brynlee was not a fan of the rain one bit.  She absolutely loves water to, and is not scared at all of it.  But cold rain...not her thing.

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  1. This totally sounds like something that would happen to me. No matter how hard we moms try to time everything perfectly, the world seems to have an ulterior schedule. At least its over with, and I'm sure it felt good coming back to a cozy home and warm baths, right? :] and that picture is adorable!