Saturday, December 15, 2012

Semester Roundup!

School is almost over for us for this semester.  We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I have a nice week long break and than start right back up.  In just two more semester I'll be all done and have a Bachelors in University Studies.  It's not really the degree that I wanted or planned, but there are certain sacrifices that you sometimes have to make for the whole family.  Ben's job was to good to pass up in Idaho Falls and I just couldn't bear leaving Brynlee so much during the day to commute and go to classes in Rexburg on a daily basis.  However, I am so glad I am actually finishing and completing a Bachelor's Degree! I'm really grateful for all of the experiences, knowledge, and opportunities that BYU-Idaho has given me.

This semester has been a doozy!  School was busy, life was busy, Ben was busy, basically the one word that sums up this semester is busy.  The one thing that always made me slow down was Brynlee (most of the time).  I try really hard not to work on homework when she's awake, sometimes I do though and she's totally fine with it and she entertains herself with lots of books, toys, and simply exploring.  Brynlee is growing up so fast and has developed quite the little personality.  She can be either a little sweetie or a total spitfire.  God help us when she's a teenager! But seriously most of the time she's great.  She's LOVES hanging out with me in the kitchen and helping me "clean".  Mainly she's obsessed with the dishwasher and thinks it's just amazing.  She's walking up a storm now.  She's actually much better at running then walking.  When she runs she goes pretty far and fast before she falls, but when she walks slow it definitely takes her a lot longer to get anywhere.  She also has developed a love of screaming.  She screams with joy when she is happy and excited.  It's so funny to watch, but I feel bad for our neighbors.

Other than Brynlee and school I've really committed to fulfilling my desire to gain a skill in photography and educate myself.  I've gotten a lot of experience over the last couple of weeks.  I've had 2 couples shoots, 2 families, and 2 maternity session.  And next week I'm doing a senior session with my beautiful sister in law!  It's been busy, but I have to say I have loved doing each one of these and have been able to learn a lot.  One thing expect the unexpected because it will happen, children and snow last...30-45minutes tops so you better hurry and be hilarious.  I can't wait to do more!! I'm happy to have a hobby once again, or at least something that makes my brain work a little hard :)

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  1. All very nice pictures! You are doing really well with the photography biz. And you are right- the unexpected always happens! It stresses me out too much and so I don't do many photo shoots for people :/ I have some family members that want me to take pictures of them during Christmas and I'm excited but WAY nervous and expecting the worse. I guess that way if things go bad then it will be no surprise! lol