Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brynlee's Newborn Pictures

I am so grateful that I came across Tara from I really loved all the pictures that she took and she was so great with Brynlee

When we got to Tara's house Brynlee was passed out in the car.  I thought boy, this is going to be easy! And than I had to take her out of the carseat...she did not like that at all.

I nursed to try to get her to be a little more cooperative--that lasted like 10 minutes! haha So throughout the 3 hours that I was there we had to stop basically every 15 minutes so I could nurse her and she would calm down.She was beginning to cluster feed, so there was no other option.

She was a champ though and looked so beautiful (as always) in all the pictures.  She eventually got a little sleepy and passed out toward the end just in time to make for a peaceful ride home.

I can't believe how much she has changed in just 2 weeks! She has lost a lot of her chunkiness and she is fighting a nasty cold.  We took her to the Dr's on Wednesday and they tested her for RSV, thankfully she doesn't have it! But he put her on an antibiotic just to help her out a little.  I have definitely seen improvement and I think she will be all better in just a couple of days.

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