Monday, December 19, 2011

Due Date Came and Went!

Well if you didn't know my due date was yesterday, unfortunately no baby yet! As much as I'm enjoying this time and getting a lot of cleaning done and cooking I just want to be in labor already! I feel like the size of a bus (and not the short ones).

I'm super bored actually! Since school is out and I don't work anymore I just feel like a bum! On top of that it's super hard to walk now because my feet are swollen and I'm now a size 9 (prepregnancy I was a 7).

We are so excited for baby to get here! We are debating between two names; Sadie and Brynlee.  SO we are just going to decide when we meet her.

I had an appointment with one of my midwives on Wednesday and she said that she estimates the weight to be around low 8 lbs.  Looks like we have a little turkey ball on our hands!

We had the uncomfortable talk about induction and set a date just in case.  It's the 27th! So if I don't go into labor spontaneously by than that will be the big day! I'm hoping that it doesn't come to that because I really didn't want to use an synthetic drugs and be hooked up to an IV.  But whatever happens at least I have Ben with me and I know that it will be an AMAZING (and painful lol) and SATISFYING experience.

We had our last childbirth class yesterday and it went great! I highly recommend Katy Rawlins from  She knows what she is talking about! One of the most important things that I learned from this class is that I have a right to choose what kind of birth experience I want.  I feel empowered to make choices and to tell people no, I'd prefer to do it this way.  Lastly, I know that you can't really plan child birth.  You can make a list of a billion things that you do and don't want but chances our most of those are going to fly out the window, so it's important to know what you will not cave in on unless it is medically necessary.  If and when things don't go as planned for our little girls birth I know that I did everything in my power to be prepared and knowledgeable of what is happening, and for me personally I think that is what makes all the difference on whether you have a satisfying birth or not.  You have the choice!

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