Monday, December 5, 2011

38 Weeks and your LEGS?!

So yesterday we had our comfort and coping child birth class.  It was such a blast!  Not to spoil any surprises to those who are going to take Katy Rawlins class down in Idaho Falls, but she had us do practice contractions.

Your probably thinking...practice contractions, that's impossible! Well probably, yes.  But she had us go and do a wall sit for a minute.  It hurt so bad!! I'm not even kidding, we couldn't use our hands or anything or put our hands on our sides we just had to keep doing it at a complete 90 degree angle.  I thought I was going to die haha

Well then she had us do another one about a couple of minutes later to represent transition in child birth.  When you feel like you can't possible do it anymore.  I thought I was going to cry. 

Well than we learned a bunch of visualization techniques and breathing that seriously worked!  She had us do another wall sit, but this time she told us to use the techniques that we used to work through the pain.  They really did work! For me I breathed in through my nose and breath out of my mouth.  As I did it I pictured that I was breathing in one color changing it in my body and breathing out another color.  Sounds a little nuts?? Well it may be, but it works! It didn't take the pain away but allowed me to focus on something other than my throbbing burning legs. 

Than we talked all about our comfort bag.  I knew that there were things that I needed to bring to the hospital, but I never would have thought of some of the comfort items that she suggested, such as a rice pack that you can heat up in the microwave, and even....take two tennis balls wrapped them in a stocking and there you go a sweet massage tool :)

And of course food!! I definitely plain on snacking throughout the birth on stuff like granola, apples, and hello...I'm sure Ben would appreciate some food as well!! And plenty of juice, Gatorade, and WATER! And a little treat for whoever is in the room...I'm going to make some brownies! :) After putting up with me in labor, I'm sure they deserve a treat ;)

I finished our "Priorities and Preferences" sheet, otherwise known as a birth plan outside of a hospital, so I'm happy to be all set with that.  I just have a few things for example such as no constant electronic fetal monitoring (instead we would like to use a doppler), no IV or Hep lock (this allows me to move around as much as I like and not be tethered to an IV), and we want delayed cord clamping (this is when you don't cut the umbilical cord for at least 3 minutes and it's stopped pulsating (provides lots of good nutrients and antibodies for the baby)...and then some other stuff as well :)

Other than that I'm glad that the semester is coming to an end, Sadie will be here in AT MOST 3 weeks :), and we are just so excited for this little adventure to begin! I have less than 2 weeks left until my due date, but chances are I'll go over! So I'm just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of feeling her move and catching her little foot when it sticks out.  It still blows my mind when she will completely move and I see my stomach do like a wave. Or when she sticks her bum out.  I'm going to miss that feeling! 

However....I am not going to miss being the size of a mini bus, the terrible back pain, and peeing every 30 minutes.  38 weeks has treated me well so far, but I can't wait till I can see her, and hold her in my arms, and talk to her...even though I talk and sing to her now, I can't wait to be able to look into her eyes and do it! 

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