Saturday, October 29, 2011

33 weeks :)

Well it's official we are all signed up for a birthing class! We were originally going to try hypnobirthing, but I didn't get signed up for the class in time at it was over $200! That seemed way to much to me for a 7 week class.  So after much praying that I would find something we certainly did.  And just in time! The class is called The Birth Day Childbirth class and runs out of Idaho Falls.  The lady Kathy that teaches it was so nice when I talked to her on the phone! I told her that my due date was December 18th and she was like oh we will definitely be moving the class schedule around then so you can be at all of the classes before your due date.  She also moved the first class for me because I was scheduled for my last day at work during the time.  She is so accommodating and nice! And there is another couple in Rexburg that is taking the class so I told her to feel free to give them our information if they are interested in carpooling.  Anything to save money for diapers right?! ;)  This birthing class looks pretty fun too, and has a ton of good reviews.  I guess a lot of people don't take birthing classes here, but for me I just wanted to feel as prepared as possible and feel like I understand what is going on.  It's a personal choice and I'm feeling really relieved that I was able to sign up.  My midwives are pretty happy as well!

This week we finally set up her dresser (which took forever!).  I don't know how Ben did it, but thankfully it is really good quality and seems really sturdy, were happy with our choice. I washed all of her 0-3 months clothes.  And next week we are getting our changing table so that will be really nice to have everything all set up.  That was a pretty big concern for me, I just didn't want to feel like I was rushing at the last minute and slacking off in school and getting overwhelmed.  I've pretty much always been like this.  I like to be as prepared as possible. 

I have another doctors appointment next week.  It's weird to start going every two weeks.  It definitely means the BIG DAY is getting closer! 

I have one more day at work and than I'm done.  My blood pressure is thanking me right now :)

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