Friday, October 21, 2011

2 months left

Well I just had my 32 week appointment.  It went great everything is looking good, Sadie is moving a ton and has finally flipped.  I never would have thought she was though because I still can't take a deep breath!

Ben- Working so hard, has applied for a couple of different jobs one is a manager-training-position at a sporting goods store (crossing our fingers for that!)  He's doing really well in school.

Brittany- Studying my butt off! Seriously, everybody has told me that going to school when your pregnant is really hard, believe me they were right.  But surprisingly I've seriously never had better grades! As of right now I have 5 A's and 1 B.  I put my 2 weeks notice in at work because 1) I was getting really stressed out and neurotic, 2) we got our pell grants in we are riding on that cushion right now, 3) We've got everything that we need for the baby (except a billion diapers ;) we only have a few boxes as of right now, and 4) It's surprisingly painful to stand on my feet for 7 hours and when I get home at midnight I still have homework to do.

It's one of these weird bittersweet things.  I'm going to miss all the people I work with! But I will definitely be in to say HI and since I was like 16 I only ever not had a job my first year just thinking about not working is almost uncomfortable.  But I'm also really excited to spend the next 8 weeks just enjoying pregnancy, school, CLEANING, making some yummy food, and just preparing for Sadie's big arrival.

On another good note...I'm an aunt again! Grace Marie Fischer was born on October 19 we haven't gotten to meet her yet and won't for a while because she's in Minnesota with everyone else, but she looks absolutely adorable in all the pictures and I can't wait till she meets her little cousin who will be just a couple of months younger than her!

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