Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Having A..........

Sadie Theresa Stanly

So after a very long time of waiting we are officially going to be the proud parents of a little girl! The doctors appointment was AMAZING! I'm pretty sure this was so far the second best day of my life (1st being marrying Ben).  When we got there I was getting so excited and anxious that I was pretty much giddy. My mid wife is seriously amazing and was so sweet when we we're checking the baby out it blew my mind how big she had gotten since the last time we saw her.
8 week ultrasound

20 week ultrasound

It was awesome hearing her heart beat as well. It was at 160 and she's a pretty active baby! It was so cool seeing her kick me to and move her arms! I think seeing her and how much she has developed as made me even more excited! She was a little on the small side but my mid wife said it's really nothing to worry about at this point and that she measured everything and it's all in proportion to her body. It doesn't really surprise me either because both me and Ben aren't very big people.  

I am so HAPPY that we are having a girl! She is going to be so cute, and my niece has decided that she is naming her Sass-a-frass.  Which will probably fit her perfectly if she is anything like her mother, she will definitely have some sass to her! 

We have already started gathering a lot of baby items including a bassinet, monitor, a few packages of diaper, enough baby lotion and shampoo to last us for a few months (I love buying bulk haha), nursing cream, diaper cream, and plenty of clothes.  I feel so prepared! I had a a dream the other week that she came early and our apartment was a construction site! And we couldn't find any of the things we've already had.  Let's just say that I was very stressed when I woke up.  I told Ben my dream and he just started laughing saying that the only thing a baby needs is love, diapers, and a boob.  If it was up to Ben we probably wouldn't have all this stuff already. But I can't help it! I'M A PLANNER! It all works out in the end though as long as she is happy.

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