Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nursery Ideas

I  LOVE looking at nursery ideas,

I can't wait till we start putting together Sadies room, sadly it won't be for another few months.  So right now I am trying to just keep everything organized by putting things in cardboard boxes and labeling them.  It really is a lot better then the system that we had before...which was NONE! I'm completely in love with this bedding, and it's on sale!

I'm really leaning more towards the top one because I love bright colors, and they actually stimulate the babies eyesight.  See babies can't see pastel colors at all for a while.  And I just like that it has hints of turquoise in it. We want the color scheme to be pinks and reds with turquoise We wouldn't get the sheets though just the bumper and skirt and do a turquoise crib sheet. I found an awesome pair of turquoise curtains at....Wal-Mart! Who would have thought!
I got these awesome white lamp bases and shades too! I'm actually going to get some fabric and cover the shade with a pattern and I might keep the base white or paint it.

We really lucked out with our family, because they want to help us with some of the big purchases like a crib, changing table, a small dresser, and a glider. We're kind of weird so we actually have all our furniture picked out that we would like to get!

I still haven't sold Ben on this so we probably won't be getting it haha but a girl can dream right!
And it's even practical, look at the hooks! 

 and we will definitely be getting some of these in pink and turquoise! We have to have some color with all these white walls!

I'm one of those people who love having sayings on the wall, Yes I know typical Mormon. And I absolutely love  this in a matted frame

and this 

and I have already made up my mind that when she is born 
we will be ordering this announcement to frame in her room.  How cute!

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