Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's finally over!! :)

Yes the semester is OVER!  We are so happy, are grades came back pretty good I didn't get the grade that I was aiming for with my math class, but I gave it my best.  It was a Crazy semester, and I was getting super stressed out toward the end.

Story with my math grade....

Well my teacher sent out an e-mail a week ago and said the days that we could take our final, then I had to work the whole day so I didn't check my e-mail.  Then the next day I didn't check my e-mail but that was the day my teacher sent out a correction saying that the final actually closed THAT DAY!!

So I wake up the next morning check my e-mail and then I see the e-mail that he sent yesterday, so I missed my FINAL!! I immediately started crying and Ben just runs into the room, and I was pretty much hyperventilating.  I finally calmed down and called my teacher directly on his cell phone that he gave us his number too in case of a math emergency (they are apparently more common then you would think).  See says that I can go and take it right now but I'm going to get 25% off automatically.  So I ran up an took it, did terrible because I was stressed out.  Oh on top of that, when I was dressing to go and take the test I realized that the night before I somehow only put on contact in my case and the other one sitting on the counter.  They were my last stinking pair, and I lost my glasses like a year ago.  Thankfully I had a pair of colored contacts that I could were temporarily until my real ones come in.

Back to the test....So I get back home after taking and and I get an e-mail from him saying that they don't have my scores for the 2nd test I took...HOW?!?!?!?!?! Please someone enlighten me on how you loose the test scores.  So he told me that I could go in an take it again....OH this is the wonderful part (JK) I will be getting  25% off of that one to!!!! ARE YOU FO REAL?!

ANYWAYS, I'm so happy the semester is over....I get a nice break, and I'm excited for next semester.  I'm not going to be a manager at t-bell, because I don't want to work 30 hours a week, so I'm dropping down to 20 a week.  Ben's off track so he'll be working full time so it will be all good.  And I don't think I'll have a problem picking up hours if we need too.  

SO all is well on the home front....

Exercising has been WONDERFUL! I shaved over a minute off my mile! :) Yesterday I did 1.5 miles in 12 minutes...that's pretty good for me!  I did a total of 4 miles between jogging/running, and just 5 miles on the bike.  I feel awesome! 

I'm finally reaping the rewards! I lost 4 lbs. and dropped a pants size, and honestly I just feel fitter which is good.  I didn't gain the freshman 15, but I did gain the engagement 15... and it doesn't help working at t-bell....So I just try to bring food with me, always eat breakfast, and tell myself that I will feel so sick when I'm at the gym later if I eat it's really not worth it to me.  But sometimes I indulge in a little bean burrito! :)  

BABY FEVER...that's all I have to say

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