Friday, November 5, 2010

Home Improvements

I've been meaning to post these for a while but I just haven't been happy with any pictures that were taken...The pictures just don't do them justice for all the work I put into them! :)

Decorating and making our home a comfortable and happy place to live in has been another really great thing about being married.  I remember the first time we saw our apartment and I was so excited!  I couldn't believe how happy I was about having this little 2 bedroom apartment in Rexburg Idaho.  It was so surreal to know that we were going to have a little home of our own.

Here is my latest project

FAMILY sign on shelves

I got a bunch of different sized picture frames and vinyl letters that spell family.  I took the backing off the frames and applied the letters.  After that I hung up the shelves, which probably took me about 30 minutes.  My poor neighbors are probably constantly hearing me hammering a nail into the wall to hang something up.  Then I just hung up the picture frames and decorated with some candles, flowers, and a cute jar.

Next is a few little updates to our bathroom :) Nothing big just a little prettying up

I put up a candle wall sconce, and got pretty shower hooks

I added some vinyl letters to the wall...For some reason it looks like it's crooked, but it really isn't!
Maybe my eyes are crooked??

Final Project!

There is it...our small almost claustrophobic bathroom. But it's all ours and I love it!!!



  1. It looks wonderful Britt! Wanna come over and decorate my house now? ;)

  2. Anytime! Hey let me know if you guys want to get a christmas tree/ ornaments at wal-mart, they've got a ton of cheap stuff right now, and if I go with you you can use Ben's 10% discount :)

    We got our tree today (yea, it's a fake lol I feel bad it's not real but to much of a hassle! haha)
    I want to put it up soooo bad, but I'll try to wait until the weekend after Christmas.

    Are you guys staying in ID for Christmas?

  3. Looks great! I miss having my own place to decorate and what not. That's one of the best things ever about being murried!